Pharmacology practical 2015

Total 11 stations in practical : (50 marks)
1. Identification + write uses/active principle
Specimen - KMnO4 crystals (purple)
Apparatus - glass pestle n mortar
2. Define standard deviation . Write formula . make its table with 6 readings for pulse rate
3. A table was given. Identify drug from table (rabbits eye wlay table)
it was atropine . how it acts. name 3 mydriatics.
4. Draw table for medullary stimulant (picrotoxin ka bnana). Prove its action . (by cutting the jaw etc) define asymmetric convulsions . whats rightening reflex ( its significance)
5 . Write BP formula for carminative mixture . write calculations for 4 doses . give directions of use
6. Write BP formula for APC powder . write calculations for 4 powders ? directions ?
7. meanings of Abbreviations ? SOS , HS , Pulvis , R/-
Conversions :
1 kg = ? g
1 fluid ounce = ? ml
1 dessert full = ? ml
1 grain = ? mg
8. Write prescriptions for TYPHOID/ENTERIC FEVER . unsure emoticon
(better do all the prescriptions)
9. Viva on frog's heart : by sir fawad
normal frogs heart rate ?
how to identify sympatholytic?
partial agonist activity n its uses
differentiate graphically bw sympathomimetic n parasympatholytic.
He can ask to perform some step or identify that pink solution (propranolol shyd)
10 . Viva on rabbits eye by sir riaz :
perform light reflex . and tell the reflex pathway (do corneal/conj and light reflex pathways from BD)
11. Viva on rabbits ileum .
How will u make 0.16 ug ACh solution . composition Of tyrodes. drugs which stimulate smooth muscle .
A resting table was there on which we werent allowed to write anything -.- the prac was of one hour . 4 mins for each table so Do really fast . each viva of 6 marks . First 8 stations 4 marks each. ALL VIVA FROM copy 2 .

Aqsa Mumtaz
Aqsa Mumtaz Sr riaz:intro miosis agents causing it mydriatic agents. He was like aur aur aur. Light reflex .
Sr fawad: what is this experiment why perform it effects of 4 drugs how to identify anticholinergic drug on heart. What agents cause bradycardia except a...See More
Amna Cheema
Amna Cheema Dr. riaz: perform light reflex, atropine k effects on eye, baqi drugs kon c use krte hn.
Sir fawad: normal heart rate of frog, kymograph say kya daikhtay hn, positive chronotropic drugs k naam, membrane stabilizing action ki significance, intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, drugs k effects 8on heart kya ho skte hn, stimulant hai tw kon say ho skte hn, sympathomimetic drug k liye procedure.
The one with rabbit's ileum: organ bath ka use, tyrode's ki composition and significance, oxygen ki significance, concentrations and doses of acetylcholine used.
Fabia Fayyaz
Fabia Fayyaz Table 1 Lab intrument : measuring glass.
Specimen : tincture cardamom
Table 2 Prescription of status asthmaticus
Table 3 define mean,median,mode,variable, t test,its formula, significance, explain with examples
Table 4- identify drug with the the help of table. It was cocaine
Table 5- draw table for strychnine
Table 6- BP formula for atropine diphenoxylate with calculations, direction for use
Table 7- calculations for making 5 % dextrose solution
Table 8- abbreviations (OD, SOS, PC)
1 tspn : ? ml
1 m : ? inches
12 solid ounce : ? Pounds
1 mg : ? Microgram
Fabia Fayyaz
Fabia Fayyaz Frog' heart : differentiate the graphs of sympathomemitics and parasympatholytics. What is +ve inotropy? Name those drugs? -ve inotropy? Dronotropy?

Rabbit's ileum : procedure. Precautions. Composition of tyrode's solution...See More
Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar Rabit eye...corneal reflex kero light reflex kero eye mai knse receptor knse muscle unk supply..light rfkex ko inhibit kon kare ga atropine k toxicity
[ Rabit illeum ...dose related normal question the
Frogs heart...knsa practical hai..effects...kaise kero ge ...local anaesthetic effect ...acute and chronic heart failure mai knse b blockers dete
Farhan Khalid Rana
Farhan Khalid Rana Specimen identifation kahan se krni ha?
Unsa Athar

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Rabia Sajid
Rabia Sajid Light reflex performance and pathway..which type of reflex is it??
receptors causing constriction??
Name Beta blocker given in acute and chronic heart failure(acute mein agonist use hota hain not antagonist)
Unknown drug is sympathomimtic how to identify it??
Explain the produre of rabbit ileum??why is ilum washed prior to placing in organ bath??i: Ileum ka ha.rkhte
Kymograph ko dekh kr kaha ye kia hai ?iske uses ?
Phr sath app tha wo kia hai ?
Internal bath mein kia hota ? External mein kia hota ?
Ileum kaha hoti ?
Water ka temp kitna rakhte ?
Tyrodes sol kaha hota ? Uski composition ? Iska faida dextrose ka kia faida hai ?
Concentration kaise lete solution ki ?
8microgram kaise le gyn ?
Koi limit bi hoti iski ?
Precautions kia hain is practical ki Eye
Perform right reflex ...krke dekhaya khte apko tu ata hi ni hai
Hota kia hai light reflex ? I was explaining tu khte jb dark se bahir light mein jao tu pupil constrict krta wo hota hai light reflex !
Iska pathway
Mydriatic drug knsi hai ? Atropine kia krata ?
Pilocarpine kia hai ? Frog heart
Phle pucha ye kia practical hai ? Iska faida kia hai ?
Graph se kaise pta chale ga ke do drugs different agr dunu hi H.R increase kr ri hn ?
Phr graph ko dekh kr khte can u differentiate btw two tachycardia ?
Atropine kia krwata ?.
H.R decrease kn krwata ?
Pink wali knsi drug hai ? I said propanolol ! Khte kaise pta chala i said colour se tongue emoticon khte agr wo na ho tu ? I said sir perform krke confirm kreinge !
Parasympatholytic kaise find krte ?

Intrinsic sympathomimetic activity kia hoti iska kia faida ?
Rabia Sajid
Rabia Sajid I take back my words k patho ospe goes fast XD wou b koe fast ota XD bnday ki adrenaline, ATP n sb kuch khtm o jana chahye by the end of ospe tongue emoticon
Anyways, 11 stations me se 8 pe u have 4 minutes to write jo b unho ne poocha
Some stations pe u do end up sparing a few seconds (like the one with conversions and the one with ID and uses ) so u can complete previous incomplete questions in tht time ( welcome to the new level of juggling tasks :3)and if those two are ur first stations , then u need a new game plan XD
ID me we had tincture cardamom and measuring glasses
Conversions 1tsp =? ml, 1m= ?inches, 12 solid ounce =? Pounds, 1mg=? Micrograms
Abbreviations OD SOS pc noct
CNS table wala jo station hai uspe apprently u have to make all 3 poisons k tables -_____- and tell k site of action kaisay prove krni and answer a question as well
Eye wala table pe drug identify kr k explain the features and 3 miosis k causes poochay way thay (sochnay me e time khtm o jata -_-)
Biostatistics ki 4 definitions , t test, formula and examples likhnay thay aaj in 4 min (waisay ye log written e le len ospe ki tukk kia ae for this kinda stuff :/)
Jo formulas likhnay thay we had 5%dextrose in normal saline k 1000mL
Saath 3 uses poochay way thay
N route of administration as well
And atropine diphenoxylate ki 6 doses with directions of use (calculator na b le k jao tou b khair e ae I guess XD cuz time ni tha I just wrote the entire thing from memory )
And aik prescription
Aaj we had status asthmaticus

Stations k numbers woe likhnay jo unho ne mention kye way
Frog k graph me notch ka naam ni lena sir k samnay
Pink solution Ach ni hai XD
Propranolol ki tablet kal me crush kr k dekhi thi the day before wou andr se white hai XD Baqi process of elimination se khud apnay inference skills ko polish aap kr skte hain tongue emoticon thts all I know
Baqi sir ne experiment ka poocha kaisay krna
Suppose drug depressant hai kaisay prove kro gay its sympatholytic
Drug kaisay dalo gay daal k dikhao
Phr sir thought experiment questions are too mainstream kuch aur poochna chahye XD
Brady arrhythmias kia hotay? Examples do, treat kaisay krte, atropine de skte? CCF me konse drugs will be safe (There were like koe 5-10 sawal aur but u know how something traumatic happens and then ur brain decides to forget all abt it, THAT ) xD

Sir riaz will probably ask u the same question 3 times during the viva tongue emoticon n forget he asked u and ask again xD baqi easy e pooch re
Glaucoma ki treatment, kaha rehti ho? Abu doctor hain? Kia krte hain? Light reflex kia hota pathway btao ,atropine k eye pe effects (this was asked 2-3 times xD) Ooper se he kept saying aur aur (atropine can only do so much to the eye tongue emoticon )

Sir nawaz is the best
Super cool, experiment related questions hi, suppose pehle aik bndi gayi hai n ab tm ayi ho mere pass me kehta hu 16 micrograms wala kr k dikhao wht will u do, (I said il start with 3 times washing wala step in case Pichla bnda kuch daal k gya ae) phr he said acha ku wash krte, 16 micrograms kaisay lo gi,
Shuru se shuru krna ho tou kia kro gi (experiment me shuru se e explain kia) and itne asan questions thay k I can't seen to remember them at all xD there were a couple more lekin mushkil koe ni tha

Baqi agr kisi ne mje kal bta dia hota k beta there will be 5 times in prac when u will think k ye complete ni ona even when u know it tou shyd aaj kam dukh hota XD
If u have time tou I suggest likh likh k yaad krlo stuff cuz waha sochnay ka time ni ona
All the best smile emoticon
Fatima Mobeen
Fatima Mobeen Rabbit eye: name the drugs used in glaucoma, osmotic diuretics use other than glaucoma, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and mechanism of action, perform light reflex

Frog heart: what is purpose of this practical, which drugs inc heart rate , how will yo...See More
Hnia Usman
Hnia Usman Rabbit's Eye: Perform Light Reflex. Is it absent or present. What drug could have acted? Acts on which fibres. What neurotransmitter released. Receptors in eye.

Frog's Heart: How would you know drug is sympatholytics. Entire procedure. Why Ringers solution used. Not satisfied with just saying that it is used to maintain vitality of heart tissue. Best look up a number of its uses.

Rabbit Ileum: Practical perform kia tha? Apparatus and its parts. Composition of Tyrod's solution and its uses. How practical performed. what volume used if 32 ug needed. If 64ug needed. If 128 ug needed. How is serial dilution perfomed. What drugs other than Ach cause contraction?
Izza Arshad
Izza Arshad Frog's heart.. entire procedure, ringer's solution uses and composition, beta blockers safe in CCF, surmountable antagonism

Rabbit's ileum.. tyrode's solution composition and significance, uses of organ bath , precautions, drugs causing contraction other than acetylcholine, ceiling effect

Rabbit's eye.. perform light reflex, light reflex pathway, effect of anesthetics on light & corneal reflexes, consensual light reflex
HiRa JaMil
HiRa JaMil Ileum viva: entire procedure,tyroide composition, calcium effect on smoothuscle,antagonist kon hain,effect of that on ileum,
Eye: perform conjuctival reflex, kb + ota kb - , in whole he asked effect of all 4 drugs with reasoning on reflexes n pupil size
Noor Ul Falah
Noor Ul Falah Rabbit Eye viva: perform light reflex. light reflex pathway. Constriction q hui? Which sympathomimetic used in eye? WHich drugs cause miosis? AGAR REFLEX NEGATIVE AARAHA HAI TOU AP NE YE NI KEH DENA K "REFLEX IS POSITIVE".. hoskta h sir ne koi drug daal hou pehle se jo reflex block kr raha ho. RAbbit ileum: How will u do this experiment? Effect of sympatholytics on ileum. Rabbit heart: suppose drug is parasympathomimetic how will u prove? what is dromotropy? knse drugs karatay hain? Av node pe knsay drugs act krte hn?
Ramsha Agha
Ramsha Agha rabbits eye : perform light reflex, explain pathway of light reflex, ANS drugs action on pupil, moa of action of cocaine how does it cause mydriasis? why there is loss of corneal conjunctival reflex with it? cholinergic n adrenergic agonists and antagonists . sir fawad: what is this apparatus used for? how would u find out whether the drug is parasymatholytic or not? what is I.S.A? which beta blockers used in CCF? ( labetalol carvedilol) what is cardiac remodelling? (mention hypertrophy in response to stress eg failing heart) rabbits ileum : what is this?( kymograph)its use. what is this ( isolated organ bath), explain apparatus. composition of tyrodes. what is receptor? what are spare receptors? what is threshold dose? what is ceiling effect? what are the differences between tolerance and tachyphylaxis?
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Omn hor, po, mist, dos
Milli, 16oz to pound?, meter to inches, 1 litre to pint

Poppy capsule n spatula

BiCO3 susp with 3 doses
5% Dextrose sol saline 100 ml

Acute attack of angina ki prescription

Definitions of Standard error, data n normal freq distribution curve n S.e calculation
Eye mai drug was cociane and eye k receptors puche we thay

Sir najam and sir nawaz ka eye n ileum ka viva was easy, woi tyrode's ki composition, light reflex kr k dikhao n pathway, atropine k uses etc. Sir fawad ko frog ka heart rate chahye species k mutabiq squint emoticon maine btaya tha k 40 dhunda hai net se toh he was like bche "misinformation" krte hain unsure emoticon agar time hai toh dhund len heart rate plz tongue emoticon baki arryhthmias achi tarah kr k jain for his viva.
Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar Paper folder
Cardomum tincture

Median mode variable data definition. Signicance Test . Examples.

Identify drug by eye table. Cocaine. Receptors on eye.

Drug k effects on cns. Spinal cord ko prove kese krtey. Co ordinate assymetrical convulsions define.

Sir afzal eye. Conjunctival reflex krein. Baqi same old same old

Sir fawad b same old sawal

Sir nawaz b same old sawal
Viva mein the 4 mins look like a century. Sir b thak jatey k ab aur kia pochu.

Carminative mixture 3 doses.
Direction for use

Castor oil 2 doses each having 5 ml. Directions for use.

1 scruple:
16 pounds
1 fluid ounce: __ ml
1ml: ___ minim
Unsa Athar

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Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar Acute pulmonary edema prescription
Zara Bhutta
Zara Bhutta Literally the only questions asked were the ones already stated. Do them well.
Asad Mehmood Lak
Asad Mehmood Lak Bhaiyo agar tu dosra group ae tu practical pehle pta lg jae ga!
Spotting:poppy,pestle & mortar.
Hypertension prescription
Standard error,variable.
Atropine diphenoxylate
Normal saline in 1000ml
Dr.Fawad was asking DOC for V.tach,A.fib
Baqi repeat e !
AB Rafay
AB Rafay And if u dont know some thing in the prac, dont hesitate to ask the mam. She will look idr udr k koi dekh to nai raha and then apko bta den g grin emoticon
Ahmad Toheed
Ahmad Toheed Frog ka heart rate 80- 90 bpm ha dehan se ratta maar lena sb tongue emoticon
Aj sir ne btaya ha mjhe!
See Translation
Khawar Sana
Khawar Sana Mjhe to is me koi game nzr aa rhi hai sir ki 😕See Translation
Unsa Athar
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Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan ye jo log akhiri viva de k questions nhi likhtay. unse Allah puchaygaSee Translation
Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali KMnO4 crystals (not in any picture)-purplish tinge hai in a black powder like substance.
Tal dos abbreviation so do the whole "book" page.
5% Dextrose saline preparation and 3 clinical uses
3 conditions of tonic contractions
All receptors in eye..
Arsalan Sikandar
Arsalan Sikandar Sir Najam: light reflex kro. pathway. far vision chart? (Snellen's chart) near vision chart (jaeger eye chart) miotic drug names. SANS and PANS-lytic eye effect differnce. effect of SANS on git and Gut. Sir Fawad: same questions. Sir Ileum wale: same questions.
Awais Raza
Awais Raza Repeat repeat repeat.
Sir Fawad has settled for 80-90 HR (only because google doesn't know sh*t)
Awais Raza
Awais Raza *he is also super nice from the time practical starts. Super nice.
Also no fake signs. Better unchecked. Sir baqaida fake signs dhoondte.
Junaid Anwar
Junaid Anwar Sir najam: touch the rabbit. light reflex, kr k dikhao. ANS ki summary. Carbamates MOA.
Sir Fawad: PRACTICAL perform Kya tha? CCF Mein b blockers ka moa(I said by unknown mechanism...he said us se agay b aik line likhi hui hai). Bradyarrhythmias.RINGER sln uses.
Sir Ilium: explain the whole experiment and appratus. That's all.
Written practical was easy. Sulphur powder and KMNO4 calculations, standard Error calculation, Acute asthma prescription (ps:I interpreted it as angina. unsure emoticon ). Picrotoxin. Cocaine in eye. Specimen. Tinc cardamom. Nd pestle nd mortar. Omn hor. Semi hor. Meter to inch. Gram to grain. Litre to pint ( and so so. Very very easy practical. Just keep your nerves stable and eyes open! smile emoticon )
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan Standard error for weight
Tinc cardamom
Brady arrhythmia and types baqi repeat
Quantal and graded dose response curve
Light reflex kro
Bethanechol or carbechol k functions apart from miosis
Khawar Sana
Khawar Sana 1. Carminative mixture. Directions
2. Sulphur ointment 20 g. Directions
3. Mist, pond, gut, PO
Milli = ? 1/1000 th
20 grain = scrupple? 1
1 fluid oz= ml? 28.4
1 pound = grain? 7000
4. CCF prescription. (Digoxin. Furesamide. Captopril.)
5. Salt (NaCl/Bicarbonate, even mam didn't know. I did NaCl coz) and uses. Pestle mortar and uses.
6. Define T. Find it with supposed value. Define Mode & Median.
7. Eye table: Pilocarpine (miosis ho rhi thi). Write 3 miotic drugs. What pilocarpine does to pupil size? How?
8. Draw table to show the effect of unknown drug on CNS. How will you tell if it is acting on spinal cord? Define Opisthotonus, Symmetrical convulsion, Tonic convulsion.

These are according to the stations number. The 8th one is difficult to cope with if you are 9th in row. Sath walay se pooch gooch hojati hai. Mam bhe thori bht help kr deti hain. Bs Sir Fawad ko pta na chle. Jb resting table pe ao to 5th spot pe rkhay instrument aur specimen door se daikh k wo likhay ja skte. Nae to sath station 1 walay se sawal pooch k wo likhna shuru kr day.
Rooqash Ali
Rooqash Ali Sir Fawad:Calcium channels in heart (L type and T type)!!!!!


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