toxicology viva and ospe 2015

Ospe: dhatura seeds n its acute effects, castor seeds ID points , croton seeds alkaline ether extract sei konsa poison krtey. HCN fatal dose n PM effects. CuSO4 ka antidote. Mercury n chronic effects, poppy capsule and active principle. Opium and drug dependence ki definition, cooper foils and principles of reinsh test

Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar Ospe pehle hoi from 9:15 onwards 10 stations. 1.5 minute for each. External toxi ka viva le rahey hain. Sir tajjumul from aimc. 12 o clock aye thei wo two three terms wo esi boltey jo kbi nahi suni honi. U ll be like what gasp emoticon aik do theek sawal puch liye like khaitu sei dead body mili hai what will u suspect, and exhumation mein kon kon sei sample letey (yes ye toxi mein pucha ) oral cavity ki toxi k lihaz sei significance
Zabreen Tahir
Zabreen Tahir Factrs affecting actions of poisons. Fastest route. Anti dote. Forced diuresis. Cocaine bugs. Imp of clothes in poisoning. Aspirin toxicity. Disulfarum. Ethanol anti dote
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Poisons causing staggering gait..

Chirr chirr syndrome tongue emoticon barfi syndrome.. tongue emoticon...See More
See Translation
Sadia Mubashir
Sadia Mubashir Lol tongue emoticon
Unsa Athar

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Yusra Minahil Nasir
Yusra Minahil Nasir Strychnine Nux Vomica, its antidote, signs and symptoms, active principle.
Croton seed preparations. If the seeds are poisonous or not. Its Antidote unsure emoticon
Clapton's Line.
Zaira Shahid
Zaira Shahid Tremors in toxicology
Nephrotoxic poisons
Lead colic vs appendicitis
Excretion of chelating agents
Chronic Hg poisoning
Miotic poisons
Tayyaba Khadim
Tayyaba Khadim Your sister has six Yr old child which precautions u tell her regarding toxicology. Antidote of acetaminophen and also dose and route. Speak about eye in relation to toxicology for one minute. Why organ I phosphorus cause red tear
Zainab Pervaiz
Zainab Pervaiz rat poison, b.a.l route of admin, forced diuresis ma vol of urine, rmp legal duties in case of poisoning,chain of custody,death certificate,dying decleration, define alkaloids,
Zara Bhutta
Zara Bhutta Kerosene poisoning. Diff between aspiration pneumonia and bronchopneumonia. How do we seal the glottis? Poisons that cause hair loss. Nymphomania. Speak about the hair in relation to toxicology for one minute. (Only gave 10 seconds and then started asking other questions) What is the sample of choice to detect ACUTE poisoning in a dead body. (He did not accept stomach/duodenal contents and blood as an answer) Scandinavian method.
Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar Ospe tip: identify the poison and the part as well. Wrna ma'am raana ne number nai dena. Like aconite root hai tou root likhna lazmi. Srf aconite pe no mark.
Saroosh Jamil
Saroosh Jamil Spotting ktnay marks ki haa?
Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar 15 (10 stations, 1.5 marks each)
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam 1.Stramonium slide Q.Its identifocation 2.Separating funnel Q.steam distil. Principle 3.Coroton seeds Q.define fatal period 4.Chars amok 5.Abrus seeds Q.2 identific points 6.Aconite Q.its classification means its category i.a. cardiotoxin 7.Hg Q.its antidotes Q.antidete MOA 8.white arsenic Q.PM imbibition 9.Carbolic acid Q.fatal dose Q.PM findings 10.Oleander Q. ??
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Last ques, toxins extracted from acid ether chloroform!
Unsa Athar

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Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam *6 D's of dhatura *Aspirin sign and symptoms *corrosives k late effects *methanol's metabollite *inebriants
Sukhan Shahid
Sukhan Shahid Define forensic toxicology.
SLUD syndrome.
Sobia Nawaz
Sobia Nawaz Virtual age
Hair and toxicology
Delerium tremens
Sana Tariq
Sana Tariq Inabrients, opium coma, chalky white teeth kis poisoning ma hta hn (H2SO4)
Sarah Arif
Sarah Arif Patient with coma and no bowel sounds. Bowel sounds positive after 4 hours. What was the poison
( barbiturate ) what does it do at points of approximation?

why staggering gait in alcoholics?
Hatters shakes, ptyalism ( mention mercury mainly and not OP), labelling of a sample sent for analysis ( add P.S. ( police station) to the trace evi wali list) , clothes examination ( always start with if present or not ) , why air dry the stain?( removes water thus preserving) , primary liquid medium for putrefaction in body ( water) , how would you protect ursel from an OP poisoning patient , atropinization and dosage -
iD in living ( not race sex stature or even dna finger printing( nullified in identical twins) - mention stuff like voice , gait , tics etc of a person) ,
Corroborative evidence ,
Toxicological imp of clothes
Diff btw management and treatment.
Management of OP poisoning.
Syeda Makhduma
Syeda Makhduma Inebirants, mee's line , macewan sighn, vitriolage .
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal One of the last students so viva was really short: Alcohol intoxication and Miotic poisons.

Ospe for toxi is really easy. Do ur antidotes and fatal doses well. Definitions like fatal period, run amok, post mortem imbibition came today.
Sana Riaz
Sana Riaz Toxicology n face..speak
Awais Raza
Awais Raza effect of sleep on poison. Biomagnification. Dangerous drugs. Superscription. Chronic Alcohol Syndromes . Staurday night palsy. Nymphomania. Forced diuresis value.
Ospe onedrive f.analytical folder sufficient.
Hussain Khalid
Hussain Khalid Said that I reminded him of his days at KE. Told me a few stories of his time. Poori toxicology me jo b ata a suna do. I started with definition. Routes of poison. Fastest route. Carbolic acid poisoning. Alcohol intake symptoms. Opium poisoning. Nasal septum damaging poisons.
Unsa Athar

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Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali Toxi viva: Chalk white teeth (H2SO4)
Carbolic Acid Symptoms
Poisons with characteristic odour
Poison that causes red eyes (mirchein)
Ospe: Acid Chlorofoam Poisons
Fatal dose of arsenic
Opium antidote and MOA
Tlc scale and Rf definition
Mercury Slide and identification
Castor and Croton seeds
Poppy capsule
Charas and 2 other hallucinogens
Belal Hocane
Belal Hocane super-long intro, ur accent's really good, where'd u get that? USMLE stuff, father's occupation, whole past-future life story
scope of toxicology in the next 10 years
pharmacological development of drug in the past years
hepatotoxic poisons, dangerous drugs (apparently there're just 3 cocaine-hemp-morphine), arsenic MOA, why does alcohol cause accidents, reaction time.
Farhan Khalid Rana
Farhan Khalid Rana Alkaloids
OGP poisoning
Atropinisation dose and mode of admission
Poison causing hair loss(thalium)
How will u treat poisoning case
Ptyalism(chronic mercury)
Arsenic fatal dose
Mercury crystals
Rf value n TLC scale
Fatal period
Opium antidote and their MOA
Mercury crystals
Castor seeds
Croton seeds
Jawad Haider
Jawad Haider Route of BAL and its dosage.
Pharmacological antidotes.
Charateristics of humicidal poisons.
Identify all the specimens present of table.
drugs causing lacrimation, conjuctivitis and tinnitis.
Name war gases.
Toxicity of Cannabis.
MoA of H2S.
how to confirm the presence of stomach tube in stomach in process of gastric lavage.
Salman Javed
Salman Javed Saary questions repeat huay.. except booti ( gaon mein bhang ko kehty hein ) aor sardai ( khaskhaas sy banti hy ) mein kya farq hy !See Translation
Jawad Haider
Jawad Haider bhang leaves se banti huti tongue emoticon greenish colour ki huti...

sardai khaskhas se bnatay, khaskhas is poppy seads se nikalti huti tongue emoticon
See Translation
Unsa Athar

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Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb Automatism
What are Silent poisons
While taking hair specimen , will you pluck the hair or cut it?
Mechanism of action of alcohol
Sign and symptoms of alcohol poisoning
What are barbiturates
Significance of clothes in toxicology
Antidote for cyanide poisoning
Ahmad Toheed
Ahmad Toheed What are antidotes?
What is myth about antidotes?
How simple charcoal is activated?(Steam distillation at 900 degree centigrade)
Name poisons causing tremours(*Start with AMPHATAMINES AND CAFFIENE never with ethanol Sir ko stimulents sunna hota hai)!
Asad Ur Rehman
Asad Ur Rehman Precaution in getting blood sample from alcoholic?chalky white teeth konsay poison mein?toxicology def?pharmacological antidote?lead chronic poisoning treatment?
Asad Mehmood Lak
Asad Mehmood Lak Neurotropics classification?blindness causing poison?disulfuram?
AB Rafay
AB Rafay Choose any poison frm the table n explain it. I chose Nux Vomica. Then he asked abt drugs causing resp depression. Opiod's overdosage management. Define addiction. Diff bw psychogenic n physical dependance. Which one is more dangerous? Diff bw habit and addiction. Antidote in acetaminophen poisoning. Its MOA, route and value. Which anti TB drug causes deadness?? (Streptomycin)
Arsalan Sikandar
Arsalan Sikandar ospe: Cannabis slide, Applicator, Madar, Chars, White Arsenic, sulphuric acid moa, classify, antidote panadol, it's moa. aconite, Marking nut, alkaline chloroform ester used for?
Arsalan Sikandar
Arsalan Sikandar viva: importance of toxicology in rural areas. importance of toxicology in industry. HCN poisoning. antidote of panadol.
Ahsan Mahmood
Ahsan Mahmood Why am I happy to see u? Warnings for relatives' children at home wrt toxi? Phenol kept in which container at home? (7up bottle), Barbiturate poisonings stages? Poison causing deafness
AB Rafay
AB Rafay Because u r beautiful?? 🏻🏻🏻
Ahsan Mahmood
Ahsan Mahmood Not here plz smile emoticon
AB Rafay
AB Rafay Ok, sir smile emoticon
Naurez Qasim
Naurez Qasim acha ye jo questions like warning for children scope of toxi etc etc ye general chaddian marni hain mtlb apni trf se ya sir specific sunte hain is ke.andr
Unsa Athar

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Khawar Sana
Khawar Sana Spots

1. Slide: Cannabis leaves slide. One ID point: spine
2. Identify apparatus: Separating funnel. Write stasotto's principle.
3. Identify poison: Croton seeds.
Write its Fatal Period.
4. Identify poison: Castor seeds.Write its classification and medicolegal importance.
5. Identify poison: Stramonium alba seeds. Write two other mydriatics.
6. Write Organophosphate's specific antidote, MOA of organophosphates.
7. Identify poison: Strychnos nux vomica seeds. Write management of this poison.
8. Identify poison: Arsenic trioxide.
Whats PM imbibation.
9. Write Activaed Charocoal's MOA and route.
10. Identify poison: Abrus fatal.
Write its fatal period and fatal dose.


MLC of copper sulphate.
Exhibitional poison.
Fox glove.
CO poisoning detection.

Reply for any correction or ambiguity.
Khawar Abbas
Khawar Abbas Organophosphates k Antidote ka MOA nhe likhna tha? I wrote MOA of Antidote!
Khawar Sana
Khawar Sana Bs phr isi waja se mere number kam hainSee Translation
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor Exhibitional poison ?
Unsa Athar

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Khawar Abbas
Khawar Abbas Viva:
Industrial Toxicology ki definition.
Drug or Poison main difference (I said doasge but Sir said k Intent ka farq hota)
Poisons causing Tremors
Poisons causing Miosis
Poisons causing Respiratory depression (Sir Opiods sun'na chahtey)
Opiod Coma ki characteristics
Muhammad Shehryar Khan
Muhammad Shehryar Khan Viva
Stasotto , steam distillation , TLC principle , mydriatic poisons , Inebriants.
Moiz Tahir
Moiz Tahir toxi definition,vitriolage and section,sindoor mai kia hota ha,alkaloids,chelating agents, nephtoxic chelating agent,arsenic compounds and toxicity, poisons having characteristic smell, drug laws and names of dangerous drugs,why alcohol not a dangerous drug
Muhammad Hazqeel Kazmi
Muhammad Hazqeel Kazmi Viva
He has all the specimens on his table , sb ko identify kraya , dangerous drugs , dangerous drug act , chronic alcohol poisoning treatment ( no anti-dote) , mceven's sign , saturday night palsy , is it temporary or permament ( sir said its only temporary) canabis preparations
Rehman Waheed
Rehman Waheed Viva: define Toxicology ,
Stomach wash , its other name
Acetaminophen poisoning and its antidote(explain how it works)
Alcohol intake stages, Why drink and drive is a crime ,
Reflex time,
Rao Jahanzaib
Rao Jahanzaib viva.croton active prncpl.sui poison.paracetamol antidote.route and dose.dangrous compound in spots.madar.charas.croton seed.tlc scale.aresenic slide
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan Spots: arsenic crystals.
Tlc scale & uses
Separatory funnel principle of steam distillation
Madar fatal dose
Opium and miotic poisons
Chronic presentation
Hcn fatal dose
Clinical presentation
Croton seeds
Talha Tarar
Talha Tarar Viva:
Absorbed poison ki treatment?
Diuresis?...See More
Ahmad Hammad
Ahmad Hammad inebriants,acute barbiturate toxicity,silent poisons,automatism,where wil u take sample for diagnosis of chronic lead poisoning,formication
Zamad Gillani
Zamad Gillani -microscopic slide of dhatura .
-dried tobacco leaves . Alkaline chloroform extract
-aconite root classify poison and write two acute symptoms
-HCN . Antidote . Classify
-castor seed . Two other abortifacient
-marking nut
- phenol autopsy findings
- yellow arsenic . Postmortem imbibition
Zamad Gillani
Zamad Gillani Viva- sleep effect on poison
Time for which lavage is useful
Why gastic lavage for opium even good after 2 days ( cause resecretion)
-in coma gastric sound absent after 1 day they are perceived again - due to ( barbiturates)
Rooqash Ali
Rooqash Ali sleep effect on poison?
Sheikh Usman
Sheikh Usman during sleep there is less metabolic activity so the action of posion is delayed
Unsa Athar

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Waleed Asghar
Waleed Asghar Viva : koi aik specimen uthao wht is it ??? Yellow arsenic ....acute symptoms
Miotic of eyes
Gaite effectors
Depositing poisons
Mussab Nadeem
Mussab Nadeem Corrosives. Delayed effects, formication, acetylcholine, hcn moa. SH enzyms
Ospe: easy spots. But questions were tricky. Vitriolage in qisas and diyat. Def of active principle. Fatal dose period of marking nut. Management of kerosene oil poisoning. Reinsch test principle. Others were points of identification. Also autopsy findings of opium poisoning
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor What is the qisas and diyat for vitriolage ?
Mussab Nadeem
Mussab Nadeem It comes under sec 335 ffor ihtelaf e salahiyat e udw. Punishment under sec 336
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor Do we have to do these as well unsure emoticon like all ?
Mussab Nadeem
Mussab Nadeem He asked this. Even it was in spotting next day. Hurt k sections, qatal ki 4 types k section, isqat e hamal and janin, autopsy and exhumation k section b puche gae hain
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor Thankyou smile emoticon
Unsa Athar

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ZeeShan Akram
ZeeShan Akram ospe
1.bhang leaves with 2 id points
2.sublimation tube with reinch principle
3.charas cakes with acid ether extract
4.abrus precatorius ,def active principle with 2 examples
5.opium with p.m. findings
6.sulphuric acid mlc imp. and which act
7.cuso4 id and moa
8.dhatura seeds with its effects
9.marking nut F.D. , F.P. and active principle
10.kerosene oil treatment
Sheikh Usman
Sheikh Usman where u from.
the HOD of AIMC was also sitting there she took my viva uas sir was busy on call what are corrosives . corrosive PM findings. define cns poisons .bas .
Aleena Arshad
Aleena Arshad OSPE :
1. Oleandar leaves - name two other cardiac poisons
2. Charas cakes - Run Amok ?
3. Croton oil seeds - Fatal period & Active principle
4. Stramonium seeds slide - 2 ID points
5. Yellow arsenic - P/M imbibition
6. Aspirin (dispirin ka patta para tha) - Two acute symptoms
7. Poppy Capsule - Morpho-mania
8. Castor fruit. Define fatal dose n toxic dose
9. Acid aqueous solution. Stas otto's principle
10. TLC plate - Define Rf
Viva - advice to children to stay away from which poisons at home ? (aspirin.paracetamol.capsicum. corrosives)etc
D's of dhatura, Miotics, vitriolage, its section ?
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor Acid aq solution ? How do u identify that ?
Aleena Arshad
Aleena Arshad Wo beaker ki outer surface pa already likha tha.. koi bhi extracts ayen china dish mai.. uski outer surface pa likhe otay names tongue emoticon
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor Hahah alright grin emoticon
Unsa Athar

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Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor New OSPE questions: FD for an extremely toxic poison,exhibitional poisons other than CuSO4,AP of oleander which cardiac depressant and strychnine like. HNO3 FD. Oleander Fatal period. Arsenic chronic poisoning signs.
Kanza Noor
Kanza Noor New viva question:which poison causes hyperkeratosis
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid Spotting
Arsenic crystals . Id points
Seaparating funnel use
HCN labelled on a beaker. Its PM staining colour and reason
Kerosene oil . Its management
Tobacco leaves. Barbiturate automatism
Opium morphinomania
Poppy capsule. Antidote
Copper foils. How to identify inorganic metallic poisons
Nux vomica. Fatal period. Dose . AP
Dhatura fruit. Fatal period
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid Viva . Rural areas and toxicology . Diff between poisonous and non poisonous snakes. Parcetamol antidote . Its dose . Route . Chir chir syndrome
HaDiqa JaFri
HaDiqa JaFri Viva
Inebrients delirients vitriolage ( nd that was not virtual age that was actualy vitriolage) components of sui


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