My Step 1 Experience in Final Year MBBS: Usman Sheikh (Class of 2016)

Exam date : Oct 14 ,2016
Major Study Material : Uworld(6 months online ) + Pathoma + First Aid
Nbme 11 offline: 254 (2 months before)
Nbme 17 online:251 (7 weeks before)
Uswa 01 online:269 (3 weeks before)
Nbme 16 online:247 (3 weeks before)
Nbme 13 online:254 (18 days before)
Uswa 02 online:260 (18 days before)
Nbme 15 online:258 (2 weeks before)
Nbme 18 online:256 (4 days before)
Exam score: 249
It was sep 2015 that i made my mind to give step 1 in final year.fortunately by that time i had given a read to pathoma for my 4th yr i gave it another read but this time with first aid.i annotated extra things from first aid pathology onto my pathoma.then i did pathology offline UW before my i did epidemiology and biostats for community medicine.then i started prep for my annuals.i gave max time to pathoma.that was quite helpful.
I started my prep again in February after getting done with prof.listened to Kaplan lectures of physio,biochem,anatomy gross,neuroanatomy,behaviour sciences.then started u world online systemically alongwith my first read to first aid.completed u world in 3 months first time.then i gave another read to first aid in almost 20 days.then took nbme 11 and nbme 17.then i did anatomy shelf notes,100 cases ethics,step 2 psychiatry UW,biostats review.then did UW second time (80%) in 10 days.used to attempt 4 5 blocks per day and reviewed the incorrect. then gave a another read to first aid and took nbme 16 13 15 uswa 1 uswa 2.then i revised tables from u world and BRS for behavior sciences (qs only). Then i was left with 15 days.gave a final read to first aid in 9 days and took nbme 18.and in last 3 4 days i revised anatomy shelf notes ( marked slides only), biostats review
And just tried to relax and passed the time.listened to heart sounds a day before exam.
Exam was more or less an amalgam of UW and NBMEs.
3-4 reads are enough.its not the no. of reads that matter but how u read.try to correlate it with UW.
The only thing thats going to make a it TWICE,no more no less.its very important how u do it first time.don't rush through it ONLINE and in TIME mode.make habit of reading the LAST LINE first.
Do all the ONLINE available and do as many offline as u can.and do them properly as if u were taking the exam.use them as a learning tool more than as an assessment tool.
Experimental questions.regarding them dont get lost in the it once and then try to find a pattern in the table given.the question asked is usually much simple.the key is picking up the pattern.
In addition to first aid and UW
PHYSIO+BIOCHEM: kaplan lectures
BEHAVIOUR: BRS plus (good luck :p)
PSYCH:UW CK ( 2 blocks only) + kaplan lectures
ANATOMY:shelf notes
BIOSTATS:biostats review
Set a time period (6 to 8) 6 months continuously is worth than 2 yrs off and on.
Dont rush through your prep.

Do manage time for hangouts :p

And at last.its just an take it as an exam.


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