The K3wl Kemcolian Syndrome (KKS): Do you have it?

It has been quite some time now since the day I first set foot at KEMU and there were moments when I had to rub my eyes and pinch myself just to check if I was awake because some people make you actually go like:

                                     Image result for WHAT memes

Yes! These eyes have seen much and finally I think it is time to bring to light 'The K3wl Kemcolian Syndrome aka KKS' so that all of us who suffer from it can at least know that we have it. After all, the first step is always realization. The criteria for diagnosis is quite simple. If you have any three of the below listed 10 signs and symptoms, I hate/love to break it to you but you have KKS.

Without further ado, here we go.

1. If you are in atleast 2 different societies but all you have actually done is absolutely 'nothing':

Image result for aint gonna work meme

OR is it?
 And every time someone asks you about it you go like 'I show up with my pretty face! What more do you want?'                                 

Image result for what more do you want  meme
Alright! Sorry! Chill!

2. If your inner Simran awakens every time you go on class trips:

                                              Image result for simran memes
It is not just for girls, I would like to make that clear. Simran is the name of a state, not a woman. Anyone can have it.

3. If every time the community department talks about John Snow, this is all you can see:

                                       Image result for jon snow

Because the person who traced the source of Cholera outbreak and made fundamental changes in water systems of London is not as important as The Lord Commander.

John Snow.jpg

And the real John Snow goes like 'This dude is not even real. He stole my name! What is wrong with kids today? You know what, I Quit. I am out.'

4. If zero point is where you find yourself 90% of the time:
                                    Image result for how did I get here meme

It is a part of you now. It is who you are. It is imprinted in your subconscious mind and it comes to you as naturally as breathing because you like what you see when you get there.

5. If you are chronically late in class and that last minute entry gives you a feeling of accomplishment: 

                                        Image result for I AM COOL meme

Well! That makes the two of us.

6. If wearing shades is your thing and you don't care about the time, place or need:

Image result for wearing shades meme
P.S. Becuase and Its is giving me OCD but it is totally worth it :D

7. If you think attending wards is for losers and you have a life:

This is what your future looks like:
Image result for I will be a serial killer meme
No son! It was you. It was all you.

8. If your life is an open book on Facebook. Literally:

We all know when and what you read, watch or listen. We know where, when and with whom you are eating etc etc, There is just one thing left for you to reveal: your bowel habits.

9. If you think this every time you hear someone speak in Punjabi:

                                               Image result for paindu meme
Ghar mein 'gandairian di rairhi' changes to 'suger cane hawker' in university. I have actually heard plenty of punjabis say 'hamain to Punjabi nahi ati.' Ofcourse! Your grandparents were British. My bad.

10. If you give PROF Reminders 5 months in advance and complain about how you are studying nothing:

                                       Image result for sarcastic thank you meme

Kiun kai agar aap na btatay to hamain to pata hi nahi chalna tha. Owe you one bro.

I hope you haven't just self diagnosed yourself with KKS because I am sorry to say that there is no cure. Now all you can do is proclaim 'KKS and proud'. :D

Until next time, dear readers. Have a good day :)


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