Results of the 1st All Pak Blog Competition, 2k17

Hello peeps! Its been a while since we announced the first of its kind All Pak Blog Writing Competition 2017! The entries we received were fun to read, and even more fun to judge. Ranging from serious and somewhat lachrymose writings to hilarious pieces, medical students from all over Pakistan pretty much showcased their creative abilities in a great way!

The results took us a while, because from the quality of the blogs we received, it was a tad tough to single out the best one. Which leads me to wonder, when did people get this creative! :O

After careful review and selection (over more than 2 mugs of coffee), we present to you *DJ music as drum roll is archaic* THE WINNERS!


First up is the serious category:

Asna Safdar took the prize with a wonderful piece, reflective and intuitive at the same time. It captured our hearts, and we hope it will capture yours too. [Click Here to Read]


The humorous category as always, was more versatile, and hence required more scrutiny. All I can say for sure is that it made me laugh quite a lot going through our entries. The final winner in the end turned out to be our own Anum Khaliq, with a piece you will all find yourself relating to. [Click Here to Read]

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned as very soon we will bring you the 2nd All Pak Blog Writing Competition, bigger and better than ever before!


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