Event Review : Lights of Hope '18

By Amna Rashid, 1st Year MBBS

"Only in the darkness can you see the stars"

A heart, full of hope, optimism and generosity… is everything in today's world. Hope gives you peace. Hope gives you confidence. Hope gives you everything you want from life. And generosity is what makes you human. And taking this hope and generosity in our hearts, we lightened the night with the Lights of Hope and invited everyone to look at the sky and witness the beauty of it. Students Patient Welfare Society (SPWS), continuing the legacy, organizes an event called "Lights of Hope" every year, the sole purpose of which is to raise charity and funds for the patients of Mayo Hospital and students of KEMU. This event is organized by the students of KEMU who are the active members of SPWS, under the guidance of Vice Chancellor and President of society. This event consists of a musical gathering and, sky lanterns, and many tempting food stalls that invite the students of KEMU to come and have this enchanting night to themselves. And this year, 2018, witnessed the Lights of Hope in its’ most exquisite form. 
The event kicked off with the musical beats of highly talented musicians who just warmed everyone with their crazy beats, followed by series of talented singers and musicians - Aida Shahzad, Hasil the Band and Saad Ur Rehman (Kemcolian ’17) to name a few; all of them, students of KEMU, made every Kemcolian dance with their dope voices.

Aida Shahzad
Saad ur Rehman - The Atif Aslam of KEMU
Hasil the band - 3rd year MBBS students

There came the highlight of the event. Farhan Saeed, who just came and rocked.

Under the hardworking leadership of Tehreem Shaukat, SPWS had managed to attract major food chains of Lahore to arrange their stalls, to gain as much charity as possible. Sweet Affairs, Domino's pizza, Subway, The Rice Bowl and Second Cup were all there with their tantalizing food. A beautiful photobooth was also set up.

The only purpose of all these events is to raise charity and funds which are then attributed to the betterment of hospital and for the help of needy students. The sky, full of lights of hope, called everyone out there to join this auspicious society and be a cause of happiness for all those out there who need it.
Because, there's nothing more cheerful than giving something to someone who can't repay you.  And it doesn't matter how much you give, but the love that you put in giving.
Most enthusiastic crowd and the beautiful voice of Farhan, yes! KE had one of its best nights ever. And then, lanterns floating, the most awaited part of the event commenced in two batches. Kemcolians filled the sky with the lanterns and beautified the night (and of course, got good pictures to put in their profiles).

So the event ended but joy retained in our hearts for a long time. In the end, I'd like to appreciate all the organizers of this event who made this enchanting night happen; especially Usman Javed and Tehreem Shaukat, Presidents SPWS, who were the ultimate force behind this event.


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