Winners of the 1st Kemunited Costume Contest 2k18!

So finally we bring you, the winners of the 1st costume contest 2k18!

Without further ado, here goes:

3rd Position

The 3rd place goes to Danial Sumbul from 3rd year, representing a Turkish Sufi for the theme "Blast from the Past"

2nd Position

2nd Place goes to our very own Aleena Afzal from Final Year, representing the theme "Around the World".

1st Position

The first place goes to an iconic duo: Nokia 3310 and Radio, featuring Eesha Tehreem and Hurriat Saleemi from 3rd year in the Theme "Blast from the Past!"

It was an amazing theme day this year (cue: we are writing about it even after a week has elapsed) and cheers for everyone who won!!!


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