The Day Sir Shakeel Solved a Dilemma

Syed Hasan Mohi-ud-din Gilani (1st Year)

They say "the children have the most inquisitive minds." 
We, as firstulas, are the children of KE - or at least, that is what our seniors think of us. *sigh* SENIORS! I want to talk about their types but let's save that for later. From guiding us through stages and substages by giving us three-night, two-night and even one-night packages to make it through them, to luring us into believing that we need to chill and take-it-easy. From mocking us on our cluelessness about the use of H&E pencils to passing sarcastic remarks on our wishful drawings. They always keep saying to us "you know nothing Jon(iors) sno(t)." But who can blame them? We could never figure it out which pencil was basophilic and which one was eosinophilic, and the mystery remains unsolved. And their relationship advices -this is a topic in itself. Don't push me now. Their psychoanalysis of teachers is so perfect that we feel like they have been trained by Sigmund Freud himself.

So having inquisitive minds and being children all sorts of crazy thoughts cross our minds. You must have made jokes about failing substages and tests and then laughed at your HIGH AIMS. But if you seriously thought at any stage that what will you do if you do not manage to get through medical, then you are not alone mate! At least I have seriously considered what subjects will I opt for BA. 

It goes back to a long time ago when you were 5 years old - as long as I can trace - that you were asked what you wanted to become when you grow up. It was not as if they really cared what you wanted to become. They just needed to enjoy your CUTE answers. Then your first real experience in deciding your future came with choosing biology or computer in 9th grade. And most probably it was decided by your parents. Then, for intermediate, in deciding pre-medical or pre-engineering another factor got really important - if not equally - along with family pressure i.e. peer pressure. All along this journey, one thing that should have been the primary determinant of your future was almost completely neglected, that is, your aptitude, ambition, interest and your talent. This falls on part of your family, the society, the state and yourself also. Unfortunately, our state does not provide a necessary system that can groom particular talent and skills that a student possesses. The western countries have developed this system and they provide a platform to groom yourself in any field you desire. Only thing that you have to do is hard work. 

Then there are people who don't know what they want to do in life. I call them "the perpetual seekers" (apologies to Harry Potter for copyright violation). This is because they have become the victims of IDENTITY CRISES. Information from multiple sources and pressures from various directions obscures their true identity. They can't figure out what their interests or talents are. Some of us might not know the fancy word for it but we have been through this. In my case, the whole quandary was solved by a single advice from our respected SIR SHAKEEL. He said
 " Putar! Tu galat jaga aa gya en. Tu ja k khambian te bulb la." 
(Son! You have come to the wrong place. Go fix bulbs on street lights poles).

And brace yourself guys because seniors say that we are going to have an existential crisis soon. So when Sartre tells us to live AUTHENTICALLY, we have a lot to tell him. 

And there is another very serious problem i.e. lack of motivation. Until FSc, we had a strong incentive of getting admission to medical college that would keep us burning the midnight oil. But after we have gotten into the best institution there is, we think "what now?" We know that our own hard work does not matter much. Our marks depend upon the teachers we are assigned to. We know we will become doctors eventually. So, why bother make this life a living hell?

So what is the solution? Human minds always crave for knowledge. Curiosity is in our core. Knowledge always appeals our brain. So no knowledge is boring. And what can be more interesting than knowing about your own body? We should lure ourselves into believing that we were born to study medical. We are crèmè de la crèmè. We are doing what others were not capable of doing. We are the chosen ones. Being a Kemcolian, we have greater opportunities to excel in academics as well as to groom your personnel talents. There is no use of whining over what can't be changed. You have to accept who you are, where you are, what you are destined to become. You have to choose a philosophy of life that is best for you. If you still can't find enough motivation for yourself, let's see you in GCU then (God forbid).
See you in GCU


  1. Damn Pretty Sarcasmic (I Think)
    But All We Know �� I Mean The Truth THING

  2. You now see the second side of the coin....


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