The Aliens

This Ramzan while you eat splendid food, lie in your comfy beds, your homes and offices regulated through central Air-conditioning, enjoying all the perks of freedom and liberty,
Iftaar goals
just remember that there are those KEMU hosteliites aka
"Allah waale log"
 who don't get to eat even a single paratha - the like of which has been unprecedented by me - at Sehri because there aren't enough chairs to sit on in the hall, not enough room to stand in and breathe at the same time. The struggle is real for us. It is like the amateur swimmers, who take, firstly, a deep breath in and then dive into the water. Same thing's done here.

Let us look at the daily routine of these miserable creatures. Start from the time of the sight of moon. Ramzan commences.
The month of forgiveness
 They have a penchant for staying up late at night - about 1 or 2 am in the night. After this threshold time, they won't sleep because in an hour, Sehri time will be in its ending zone. So they better be in the competition to get a paratha as early as possible. Now obviously they have to pray Fajr and then do some recitation. It will easily take time up to 5 am in the morning. If they sleep now, they would have to wake up again at 7 to reach the university in time, or if they are the chill type, they won't bother getting up anytime before 11am. Now, for the "chill type" it's already late to put up any effort just to attend a minor lecture. About those who managed to be in the lecture theatre in time, with a maximum of 2 hours sleep, the head heavy with previous night's toil - what could be expected of him about perceiving any thing professors are saying.

Dream class.!

After being liberated from gruesome figure of the alma mater, these forlorn creatures proceed to their abodes, where they have already been denied the luxury of an air conditioner. They speak but the wails of their sojourn at the place which they enthusiastically call " the Home to Kings and Queens", and of the sufferings when the light goes out and there is nothing but a scorching roof above and a searing floor below. But one has to accept the fate and translate their shortcomings into their advantage. Let's prepare the upcoming stage and module test. This time from Zuhar to Maghrib is the one which can be considered enough in amount for studying, but ironically, it is the also the least favourable one for the task. Deprived of sleep, drained of energy because of the entire day's tormenting activities, with starving belly and parched throat, what could they possibly study in this situation. Next time they will be free is after Esha prayer, that is almost 10pm in the night. Since we medicos are the nocturnal animals, we can't sleep before 1 or 2am in the morning. Again. The consequence will be the same cycle repeating itself the next day. Where will it lead to? First look at what happens in sleep apnea where snorting gets louder and louder until it reaches maximum where the pressure is released by the spontaneous absence of a breath, or as the Marx described the economic cycle in a capitalist society where rich keeps getting richer and poor getting poorer until the breaking point where the common people revolt against the upper class, or like in the geology where the pressure, temperature and time keep on molting the rocks until it becomes too much for the Earth to throttle the raging matter that eventually comes out as lava, or like a strong log that is being continuously hit by an axe to be shattered into pieces or like an ultimate MCU movie after a series of almost two dozen movies. The end is always tragic. The result is never pleasant. There is destruction and annihilation. But I can't really anticipate what will this progression of linked and fateful cycles bring to these oblivious creatures.

And this was all about studying only, excluding everything about everyday chores, random stuff that just comes up and emergency things needed to be done. With no routine at all, no prior planning of how to get this life together - these elusive creatures plunge into the most critical period of their academic year.

My stomach after drinking ice chilled drink after the whole day's scorching heat

P.S. This article is not gender specific. Just in case.


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