How To Ace Your MDCAT

While we are in our secondary school, we listen that it's the main and at the same time last troublesome step of our student life and once we clear our matriculation extraordinarily, we will enjoy the rest of our life and same goes true for Higher Secondary School.  So students who were promised that they will get a life of freedom after FSc Exams,  are just one promise far from a successful and peaceful life. And this time "The Promise" is MDCAT.
If you work hard one last time here and are able to get admissions in any of the Govt. Medical Colleges, not only you, but your parents and family too will enjoy their lives in true manner.

But many students fail to make it through MDCAT as either they take it too light or too difficult. But the only truth is that it is a test from Your F.Sc Books and if you have performed good in Your F.Sc exams,  for sure you will Do good here too.

I have tried my level best to summarise all of my experiences here in a file and I am sure that it will help you enough to reach a Medical College as it has been appreciated by multitude of students in the previous years who have got their admissions in various Medical Colleges.
Following is the link for this document: File:

With this, I wish you very best of luck for Your MDCAT Exams.


  1. Hey. Aoa. Where did you study Physics from? What is the general preparation rule for physics NOW A DAYS? (i mean in 2012, we used to study textbook, teacher's notes, Pgc physics mcqs, and 1000 mcqs A level. This is what I and most of my classfellows did to succeed)

    1. W/S. I don't know much about others, but as far as physics is concerned, i did it entirely from my Text book, each and Every Word of Text Books, and i used to reshuffle various equations by myself, further, i was dependant oN My Academy Teachers.

  2. I really wanna be a part of kemu but the competition is very tough. Please pray for me. I really really really wanna be a doctor and obv from kemu.


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