Why MDCAT is imperative?

By Hamdan Ali Khan
Class of 2022

In the brisk walk of the current year, I must confess that I have often thought about this wee little topic; which currently has become extraordinarily debatable.The antagonists of my point of view argue why can they not utilize the marking system of FSc and Lord! be done with it?
For such peeves and pixies, the reply is quite mundane too; because ladies and gentlemen you do really need conceptual knowledge to survive in either MBBS or BDS.
"FSc"; speaking solemnly on a utopian note should be the foundation of conceptual knowledge and MDCAT, A test for it......Alas! Utopia does not exist.
The scenario that we have is that "FSc" fails to administer conceptual knowledge to us and we have to force hard pellets of concepts in a rugged duration of 3 months.

Despite this wanton unfortunacy, that astute "Cramming" of "Concepts" does really make one fit to become a doctor.
A friend of mine recently narrated, "A Case of Vitamins" as I tend to call it; 
both he and a mate of his were at an apothecary recently.
The mate of my friend asked the chemist for tablets of Vitamin C and received a bottle of tablets from him.
He read the label which ran 
   "Vitamin C"
(Ascorbic Acid)
"Umm, Sir! I asked you to give me Vitamin C but this also contains Ascorbic Acid".

My friend, immediately paid at the counter, took his fellow's hand and fled later explaining the fact that Ascorbic Acid in fact is Vitamin C.

My friend is in KEMU and the other lad is in a Private Medical College.

MDCAT albeit has become prone to a mafia-like Sicilian-Kafkesque educational culture whose solemn purpose is to make Education a business.But despite all that, MDCAT does make you "Understand" and not merely "Cram" the few words that you memorized in your High School.
Almost all countries have an MDCAT or an equivalent test to ensure that "Quality" gets into Med-Schools not "Quantity"

In the US,apart from the SATs and MCAT, resum├ęs must also be the finest for any remote shred of hope to exist regarding admission in Med-schools.


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