Dealing with failure in med school

With the result of the professional exams coming out one by one, I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to those who have passed. Feel free to put up all those statuses on Facebook and WhatsApp and update your stories, and rejoice :)
And to those who didn't make it, this blog is for you.

I know that coming in to King Edward, most of have been toppers or high achievers all our lives. Failure is a word usually unbeknownst to us. But med school often changes that, and once in a while, anyone can fall behind in a substage, stage or test. But failure in a professional exam is a truly jolting experience, and it cannot be compared to failing a mere substage or test.

"Supplee" is a word that can turn your world upside down. I won't tell you what others might be saying, that "kuch bhi nahi hoga, ye time guzar jae ga, pata bhi nahen lagay ga". Because I know it, guzar tou jata hai lekin pata zaroor lagta hai.

So if you are one of the affectees and wondering how to proceed now, here's what you have to do (without any sugarcoating of anything) : 
  • Just know that this time too shall pass. The days might seem hard and long, but they will surely pass. Have the belief that you will come out of it just alright.
  • It is not the end of the world, even if it feels so. It will be hard, seeing your fellows chill and move on with the next year, while you are studying the last year's syllabus once again. Just tell yourself this is one last time that you are looking at the same pages again.
  • Have a solid game plan, and try to stick to it. Or at least make a rough idea of how many days you have and how much you'll give to each topic.
  • Identify your weaknesses. List down all the stuff that your preparation lacked in during prof, and master that first.
  • Revise, revise, revise. Repetition is the only way to make stuff stick in your mind. 
  • If you made it to KE, know that you are not a bad student, and you are certainly not a failure. One setback does not define you. If anyone judges you for getting a supplee, they deserve a punch in the face. Distance yourself from all such negativity.
    (Just don't go about actually punching them, okay? )
  • Try to remain optimistic. It might be hard on some days, but keep trying. 
  • Work hard, do your best, have confidence in your efforts, and leave the rest to Allah. :)
If at any time it gets too overwhelming, my inbox is always open for conversation :)

PS: Before you dismiss my words thinking that I don't know what you might be going through - kids, I am speaking from experience. 


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