Guidance for 3rd year wards

Introduction to clinical side for 3rd year 2019-20
Asalam o alaikum
I hope you guys are going good with 3rd year
Medicine :
East aur west medicine bohat Acha parhaate hen
Agar ap ko apna ward pasand nai aa raha you can go to east or west when you have minors (this will pay you off)
History strong Karen, patients se history len aur present Karen, if you are doing it daily during your ward rotation you are going to master it, history taking and presentation is a thing you are going to do All your life, history present krna ap ka reflex ban jaye ga eventually
Examinations b seekhen(youtube pe McLeod ki videos are good) ,make a habit of picking a stable patient and performing examination on him, findings pick krna Final year men aaye ga ,for 3rd year learning the right way of performing examination and presenting it is more than enough
Book : 1-bedside is sufficient, McLeod is if you want to put some extra effort
2- Yousaf (for the questions of history)
Try to take your book to ward daily
Surgery :
Again if your ward is not regular about teaching go to a good ward, west surgery  waale welcome krte hen sab students ko , east surgery is also a very good ward
Jo topics 3rd year men hen (thyroid, hernias, varicose, breast, etc) un ki examination seekhen aur wo topics 'Browse se parh len ',history is very easy if you have learnt it in medicine ward,
Book :Norma browse
Paeds medicine :
Unit 2 teaches better than 1 does, examinations and history is more or less same as of medicine, IMNCI charts are to be learnt according to the syllabus
Minor wards :
1-orthopaedics : do not teach generally
2- TBCD : no one teaches, no one goes
3-psychiatry : they teach the earlier batches very enthusiastically and conduct a test too, you can get the ward card signed
🔴.ward cards test K foran baad sign krwa lia karen, even minors b krwa lena aik do it gives a good impression in final year
🔴ward men ache teacher ki qadar karen, not everyone is a brilliant teacher, clinical side men teaching plays an important role
🔴 don't forget to enjoy 3rd year


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