King Edward Medical University kicked off its 160th annual sports week on the third of March and boy! What a week it has been for all of us! 
If you're among the crazy few who decided to skip it for some unknown self-satisfying reasons, I'm sorry friends, but you are going to regret your decision big time! 
Day one began with all five years embracing one color: Final Year in Blue, Fourth Year in Green, Third Year in Red, Second Year in Purple and First Year in Yellow! 

While the attires complimented the lush greens of Patiala ground, the stalls set up by each class were all one of a kind. All kudos to the artists hidden under those white coats! 
Batch 22's rescue 1122 took the lead here but honestly, we think it was their enthusiasm that got them the prize! Way to go guys! We loved your energy! 

One of our favorite highlights was the badminton match between our worthy Vice Chancellor and Secretary Sports Club. Sir, you are definitely unbeatable! 
The day ended with batch 20's formation. And that is when our nostalgia officially kicked in. 🥺 
   Batch 20- can you believe it's 2020? 🥺

Day 2 began with the hustle of theme day. Horror, Around the world, Cartoon Network, Cultures and Back to school were the themes endorsed by all five years. Second Year was successful in impressing our judges this timehowever, the creativity shown in each theme was commendable! We were definitely blown away! 

The day wrapped up with Sufi Night. The crowd was up on its feet, completely mesmerized by the Qawwals

Our favourite Gymkhana Day opened in glory with the flag march followed by athletics, tug of wars and musical chairs with the faculty being the clear winner in all the fixtures. 
Where is all your jawani undergrads? 
We were moved by the Melodramas in which Final Year stood out amongst all. The ceremony wrapped up with the prize distribution followed by the announcement of not one, but two official holidays. 😭 

Batch 20 ne Mela loot liya (Sorry I'm biased)  
The 160th Annual Sports Week concluded with the glitz and glamour of funfair. While the newbies took their first careful steps with dedications, the seniors made sure it was their one last time to say it all ;) 
Batch 20 finally signed off from the grounds of Patiala in style and among tears with Salman's Purani Jeans Aur Guitar
A special thanks to our sports secretaries Alina Aslam and Hafeez Khosa and their team for giving us an event worth remembering.


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