For all the PLAB aspirants, here’s a guide on how to navigate through the selection of language test that is an essential for all the IMGs. I have included some links for the terms that come up during this discussion since this blog post is about which language test should be opted in individual circumstances.

Before going through with the discussion, there is a link for some general information about PLAB for the beginners.



The International English Language Testing System is an English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration.

You need to take prove your proficiency in English for taking PLAB exam and applying for GMC registration (like PMDC registration in Pakistan).   

IELTS has four sections; reading, writing, speaking and listening.

To be eligible for sitting in PLAB 1, you need to have a score of 7.5 overall and minimum of 7.0 in each section. With this score you can apply for GMC registration as well.

To enter the FY1 through UK Foundation Programme (like our house job), the score of 7.5 is required in ALL the sections.

It all comes to good language skills in the end. The picture is just for comic relief😊 since IELTS coaching centers are all over the country specially in big cities and language never becomes a barrier if you are passionate and determined enough to achieve your goals.

For more detailed information about the way how IELTS works, follow the link:


The Occupational English Test is designed specially for healthcare professionals.

OET assesses all the four language skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking with emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.



To be eligible for PLAB and GMC registration, the minimum score of 350 or grade B is required in all the sections.

OET is not currently accepted for FY1 through UK Foundation Programme.

OET gives an option to people who are more comfortable with medical and healthcare terminologies as compared to general English language.

For more detailed information on grading system, follow the link:

Which one is better? IELTS or OET?

·         Both IELTS and OET can be taken at test centers in Pakistan.

·         Both IELTS and OET with eligibility scores mentioned above are valid for PLAB and GMC registration.

·         However, for direct entry to standalone FY2, IELTS scores should be 7.5 in ALL sections and OET scores should be 400 in ALL sections.

·         For FY1, only IELTS with scores of 7.5 in ALL the sections is accepted while OET is not applicable in this scenario.

·         IELTS is cheaper, has more test centers and has more test dates than OET.

·         With IELTS, you must retake all the 4 sections if you fail in either one while with OET you can only focus on the sections that you have failed.

·         IELTS test your general English with a wide variety of topics while OET is restricted to language used in healthcare settings.

·         IELTS has more preparation resources as more people sit for IELTS than for OET.


Whether IELTS is better for you or OET, it depends on your subjective choices since both are tests for English proficiency and none is easier if English is your bane😊

I would recommend these blogs for more information regarding IELTS and OET.

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