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Final year marks distribution

Final year marks distribution
Med A + B (subjective)= 150+150 = 300
Med A + B (Viva) = 300

Surgery A + B (subjective)= 150+150 = 300
Surgery A + B (Viva) = 300

Final Year Surgery Exam: Important topics

Final Year Surgery Exam: Important topics

Paper PatternSURGERY A paper includes =  Complete General Surgery + Abdominal Hernias + Surgical Oncology + Basic Anesthesia + Traumatology + Orthopedics + Skin/Subcutaneous Tissues + Vascular Surgery ( Arterial, Venous and Lymphatic Systems) + Oropharyngeal/Salivary Glands SURGERY B paper includes =  Abdominal Surgery+ Breast + Endocrine systems + Cardiac Surgery + Neurosurgery + Plastic Surgery + Pediatric Surgery + Urology + Chest Surgery + Radiology (as in vivas usually)+ Surgical Anatomy

Surgery Paper Subject Distribution (Latest 2012)
Paper A – 135 Marks

Surgery Basics 
Resuscitation / CPR
Fluid & Electrolyte Balance
Skin Soft tissue infections
Surgical TB
Blood Transfusion
Sterilization, Asepsis
Peri-operative care
Common Emergencies
Trauma & Orthopedics
Anesthesia & Critical Care
Vascular Surgery
Abdominal Hernias

Paper B – 135 Marks


Head & Neck
Upper GI

Final Year Obstetrics Exam - Important topics

Final Year Obstetrics Exam - Important topics

Final Year Pediatrics Exam - Important topics

Final Year Pediatrics Exam - Important topics(Special thanks to Tauseef bhai)

Neonatal reflexes,Growth n development, Growth Chart,its imporatnce n uses, EPI vaccine schedule,names of newer available vaccines,Weaning,uses n composition of breast milk,Vit A ,Fe, Marasmas,KwashiorkorClassification of malnutrtion,Neonatal resuscitation steps,RDS of newborn,TORCH infections,Jaundice of neonate,

Final Year Medicine Exam - Important and high-yield topics

Final Year Medicine Exam - Important and high-yield topics
(Special thanks to Tauseef bhai)

Medicine paper A.  Cvs, GIT, Hepatobiliary, CNS, Respiratory, Hematology, Oncology.
Medicine paper B. Derma, Psychiatry, Endo, Rheumatology, Infectious dis, Poisoning, Renal.
Medicine Paper Pattern For The Year 2012;Total marks=600 including 60 marks of internal assessment
Internal Assessment;
3rd Year=15 marks
4th Year=15 marks
Final year=30 marks
Written Paper;
Paper A=135
Paper B=135
Both Papers, A and B have same pattern follows;
MCQ's=30 (45 marks)
SEQ's= 3 (total 30 marks;each carrying 10 marks)
PBQ =1 (30 marks)
LEQ =1 (30 marks)
Paper A;1:CVS
2:GIT and Hepatobiliary
3:Respiratory System

Final year medicine: Important Drug doses for exam

Final Year: Important Drug Doses for exam(Special thanks to Tauseef Bhai 2011)
1. Aspirin=  as antiplatelet 75-81mg, as anti inflammatory/painkiller 275-325mg,  as anti pyretic(fever) 325-650mg

2nd Yr Past Papers 2012

by  Laiba Khalid & Tooba Jalees Click to zoom in and view clearly
Brain Stage
AP Stage
Head & Neck Stage
Histo Embryo class test
Anatomy Send Up

Past Papers Sendup and Prof 2011

Download and zoom in to view clearly

Pharmacology Viva Question prof 2011,K.E.M.U

(Compiled by Sadaf Hafeez)
pharma internal: what are receptors? types, g protein receptors, their advantage, second messengers, ligand is the first messenger, third messengers, parkinsonism drugs, advantage of carbidopa, other use of amantidine, which anticholinergics given, why not atropine, insulin, drugs for type 1 and type 2, can insulin be given in type 2( yes in pregnancy if woman is diabetic and in stress), what do u mean by adverse effect, moa of aminoglycosides, their adverse effects, ( say ototoxicity then nephrotoxicity) which of them affect hearing and which affect vestibular function???

pharmacology: sir zahid: distribution of adrenergic receptors, anti mycobacterial drugs, moa of rifampicin, its adverse effects( do from katzung), adverse effects of pyrazinamide, adverse effects of aminoglycosides, drug interactions of aminoglycosides

uses.....DMARDS(like gold salts,penicillamine etc)....alpha blocker uses(like pheochromocytoma,mastocytosis,etc).....cyclophosphamide... pharma…

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Viva Questions Prof 2011 KEMU

Compiled by Sadaf Hafeez and Hafsa Baber
Also checkForensic Medicine and Toxicology Viva Questions Prof 2010 King Edward Medical University
Toxicology Sir Khalid:

WHO duties of RMP...
stretch laceration...
starvation internal findings....
primary incisons...
mechanism of embalming....
distance at which no stipling....
autopsy finding in hemorhage...
medicolegal autopsy def n objective....
AM n PM drowning...immediate  
Name Inebriants
Why are they called inebriants?
What does inebriant mean?
Treatment of snake bite?
What is chelation?
What is effect of copper on body?
Which enzymes does it inhibit?
Treatment of snake bite?
Can you identify snake by the bite?
How will you identify it?signs of dhatura poisoning
difference between capsicum and dhatura seeds by maam mansoora
types of dhatura by HOD

drug causing tinnitus ( phosphorous ,aspirin d CO )
CO AND HCN poisoning postmortem apperances ,
trinder test ,
,arsenic mein blood film kaisi hoti hai buhat pooch rahe haan ,
drug causin alope…

Pathology and Microbiology Viva Questions Prof 2011 King Edward Medical University

Compiled by Sadaf Hafeez and Hafsa Baber

Sir Munir
Viva Qs :

very unpredictable nd luck based viva nd questions ranging from anaerobic jar, viruses classification, mode of viral transmission, neisseria, streptococcus classification based on lancefield group, growth curve, endoexotoxin difference, tb, how can we see antigen antibody reaction in lab( dn't say disk diffusion method) nd he made us draw eggs/cysts of important parasites nd their lifecycle( basically he's interested in asking the route of entry esp if its an autoinfection) P.S. all the teachers look at ur internal assessment card very CAREFULLY nd then ask u questions accordingly, difficult for those with a better internal assessment :) bt sir munir considers u pass if u hav an internal assessment above 70%  all examiners tend to repeat their questions except sir munir,
wat is leishmania donovani?its life cycle? draw the amistigote form?at wat resolution will u see tht in microscope?culture media/its type n conjugation?…