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MCAT season.. again..!

Unsa Athar
From the very beginning of the year, the academies start their mcat sessions without thinking about the pressure they put students in. Dealing with Fsc/A Levels along with the mcat fuss is really tough.There are a few people out there in the world who cannot bear so much tension, and even if they do succeed in handling all the work load and pressure they make permamnet damages to themselves and their sanity while doing so. And the merit rising so high last year has created an uneasiness among the current fsc students. My juniors are going through this situation and keep on asking questions which remind of my own time.Sleepless nights, restless days.. Board exams.. test sessions.. mcat classes.. THE MCAT.. admission na hua tou.. etc etc... . the pain everyone has to go through because of the competition.. anticipations.. When one is going through a hard time, a few words of wisdom and solace can do wonders. I remember a friend of mine recommending me to read Amna Khalil's a…

3rd Year Forensic Past Papers 2012

by Farkhanda Qaiser
4th Year

As the first class test of 3rd year is looming close, so I thought of spreading the few pearls of wisdom that I might have collected over the course of last year.  I'll try to be as brief as possible. My basic purpose is to help you pass the test. However if you want to ace then this post is definitely not for you...!
Okay so first things first. I'm sure, you must've bought all the books. If not, here are the names of text books needed for forensic:
1) Principles and Practice of Forensic Medicine  by Nasib R. Awan 2) Parekh's Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
However these books are studied only during the profs. Nomally, students just read the forensic notes. These notes are available at the "King Photocopier" or you can take them from your worthy seniors (who'd be more than willing to get rid of them). Moreover, you can augment the notes with the tables from NRA (nasib r awan) and bingo, you…

Peripheral Nerves Examination

Peripheral Nerves Examination by Ayaz Mehmood Median, Ulnar, Radial, Tibial and Common Peroneal Nerve.

This is a scheme I have just developed myself. Thought it might help you.
Median Nerve:
- Palpate muscles of forearm - Check tone at wrist

USMLE Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) - A Short Guide

– A short Guide by Rizwan Khan  - Supplementary info for KEMU students for applying by Hassaan Raza Jafri (at the end)


Time span -
         Unless you are in a rush of getting it done prior to an upcoming match don’t compromise on the time span . Do spare atleast 3,4 weeks of time for the preparation of this exam . To say that CS is just a practical exam and doesn’t need any kind of studying is absurdity at the least. For the real exam you have to be prepared in every aspect both theoretically and practically so don’t compromise on the preparation.

Clinical rotations -          For those people on clinical rotations they should utilize their rotations as much as they can to get them prepared for the exam , not just for the studying part but for the hands on experience and the interaction with the patients . Don’t slack off while on rotations , instead in addition to the inpatient patients care , try to tag along with the residents while they see their outpati…

1st Year: A month at KEMU - Comic Wise

Unsa Athar

Time is passing slowly at KE. Making memories each day, each moment, we are moving on.  Going to the VC  to discuss the hostel issues, begging a baji to give back my register L, enjoying the ‘dhol and dhamal’ by the passing out final year , enjoying reading  the charge sheets against some CR, Signing the laptop confirmation lists (yippie!) , getting the Kemcol’12 issue, going through the horrible phenomenon known as substages, nomination of the CR and GR.. So much has happened in a month that cannot be expressed in words… 
CM Cheettti kro...!
Societies.. plz cum in physio lecture for the introductions..
All the excitement of elections went to hell =(
Red Books.. Red books everywhere.. My Expressions When I came to know I'll be giving a viva of 100 marks!

Behind the Curtains With Dr. Asad Aslam - An Interview with the Pro Vice Chancellor

Behind the Curtains
Vice Chancellor
The Inside Man
By Taroob Latef & Moeed Ahmed
A proud Ravian, can watch Roger Moore films day and night, loves Chicken Burgers and enjoys hanging out at Marco Polo PC.

Prof Dr. Asad entered the conference room, quiet and shy, with only two things in his hand. His blackberry and a solid pen. Both of which he aligned perfectly on the table. We began anxiously, unaware that this would be probably the most interesting half hr ever spent with a professor.
Q. Favourite colour? Maroon.
Q. Favourite movie? Lawrence of Arabia and Jinnah.
Q.  Favourite song? Any national song.
Q. Favourite sport?

KemUnited Feeback Form

KemUnited Feedback form

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Augment your good souls

by Sidra Chishti
AUGMENT YOUR GOOD SOULS  A session with Dr. Izhar Hashmi, Dr. Ali Hashmi, Dr. Asim Allah Baksh, Mr. Hamayun Ehsaan

Wanted to share with you all, some inspirational words of some
inspirational people. (I wrote them on an envelope. Had nothing to
write on and to write with, right at that time. Somehow managed a
pencil for that.)

The moment I arrived Pakistan college of commerce and management , Dr.
Ali Hashmi was discussing ‘WE THINK WHY WE DO SOMETHING GOOD? If we
can’t give a person, a glass of water; why we give him a drop of
water? This WHY creates the problem. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO WHATEVER
YOU CAN. PERCENTAGE COUNTS! Your intention and struggle is important.
Five rupee charity by a poor man is worth more than five thousand
rupees donation by a millionaire.
Don’t live for self promotion. What makes you ‘ASHRAF UL MAKHLOOQAAT’
is service. Though enlightened self interest is appropriate, you ought
to live for others to deserve to be called the best of all cre…

Final Year: Gynecology important topics

Gynaecology Imp Topics(for prof)
Thanks to Muzna S. Eggshell

Amenorrhoea, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Dysmenorrhoea,Abortions, Menopause,Ectopic pregnancy,Endometriosis,Adenomyosis, Uterovaginal prolapse,Infertility,Contraception,Pelvic Inflamatory disease(PID),Urinary Incontinence, Urninary Fistulae,Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS),Hydatiform Mole,ChorioCarcinoma,Fibroids of uterus,Pap smear, Carcinoma of endometrium, Carcinoma cervix, ovarian carcinoma, FIGO classifictn of ovarian cancer, benign ovarian tumors,their presentation,investigations,n management, Gartners cyst, Dilatation n Curettage (D n C), Laproscopy in gynae,Hysterectomy, candidiasis,trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis.

Being a First Year Student

by Awais Tarar 

“first year, come here”, this phrase, simple it may seem to you, is scary enough to frighten any new comer. First year is the class where one is exposed to a whole new world and you feel yourself stuck on the very first step of this never-ending ladder ( its end is probably death if I’m not wrong) , new class, new fellows, new way of studying, new campus and especially, you are regarded as new in this old historical institution and you are lost in all the newness imparted to you.

First day, wearing new, clean, pure white overall fells awesome, one imagines oneself sympathetically operating a patient in an operation theatre. This “Good Feeling”  quickly buries itself when we are made to wear overall inside out and roll on ground and dance in the anatomy lawn teaching us our first lesson “ never overestimate yourself, there are  bigger giants already present”. We prepare to start ourselves on first gear as we feel we have already miraculously achieved a non-achievable tas…