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Lecture slides: Medicine; TB

Lecture slides: Neurology; MIGRAINE

Lecture Slides : Gyanaecology ; Puerperal pyrexia by Dr.Nadeem Goraya

Lecture Slides: Gynecology ; Amniotic fluid by Dr. Nadeem Goraya

Lecture Slides: Gynecology ; Intra Uterine Fetal death by Dr. Nadeem Goraya

Lecture Slides : MEDICINE ; Aplastic Anemia

Teray Mukhray Da Kala Kala Til...!

By: Usama Irshad
2nd Year MB. , BS.

Its the usual weekend scene at the men's dorms:a cricket match is in full swing at the rooftop;a bunch of book lovers are lazing in the lawns with cheap Mavra &Ferozson's paperbacks; the lilting notes of the latest Hindi songs can be heard playing in many rooms interrupted by their occupant's regular laughter and guffaws;the khokha is flooded with boys in their pyjamas and their ridiculous, just-woke-up,tousled hair,the soothing music of parathas hitting the hotplate, waiters shouting orders and ravenous boys gobbling down enormous amount of grease,eggs and French toasts.

How to Manage Un-matching in U.S Residency Training Program

USMLE is a tough task. One starts planning for USMLE by the end of graduation years at medical school. It begins with extremely demanding and mind boggling preparation of STEP 1. You are locked inside the reading room, your thoughts occupied by exam scenario and daily activities just limited to reading Kaplan books and solving U-World questions. Once STEP 1 is aced, there comes another monster, STEP 2 CK. After scoring well on STEP 1, another courage booster is required to go through same pain staking exam preparation for STEP 2, for another period of 4-5 months. Then come visa application, traveling to USA, adjusting to challenging situation in a new country, appearing in Clinical Skills exam after weeks and weeks of repetitive case preparations, searching for places to join clinical rotations, sit again for marathon STEP 3 and finally facing the mind cracking pressure of residency interview season.

Now, if anyone of my colleagues is unmatched, just relax for a moment, take a deep b…

Behind the Curtains - Dr. Attya Mubarik Ex Prof Anatomy

Behind The Curtains With Dr. Attya Mubarik

By Moeed Ahmed 
Taroob Latef
The Mother of a Thousand Daughters and Sons
The Jack of all trades; she was in her time Supervisor of the MPhil Program, Chief Warden of Girls Hostel, Staff president of KDS, First Member of Syndicate, Inaugurated the Histology Lab, was Chairperson of the Students and Scholarship Committee and whatnot.
The founder Principal of Gujranwala Medical College and commander of the biggest fan following in KE with the longest tenure that any Professor can boast, Dr. Attya Mubarik has a huge interest in world politics, calls KE her ‘maika’ and was rightfully hurt over being denied the VC chair.

She is the first person who was as enthusiastic about the interview as we were. Brave and honest, straightforward and funny she said things that others would think twice before saying and perhaps that is why she is the Most Popular Professor even 3 years after her absence and her fame only continues to rise.
She has served for almos…

Lecture slides: Medicine; TETANUS & BOTULISM

Lecture slides: Community Medicine; SWINE FLU & BIRD FLU


Lecture slides: Medicine; HEMOLYTIC ANEMIAS

Lecture slides: Medicine; HIV/AIDS

Lecture slides: Medicine; INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS


Lecture slides: Medicine; INFLUENZA

Lecture slides: Medicine; TYPHOID

"The All Pakistan Intercollegiate Convention for Story writers" brought forth by KELS!

All Pakistan Intercollegiate Story Writing Competition.

Literature is an art. An art is in itself a form of expression. It’s a kaleidoscope of thoughts, emotions, ideas and so much more which encompasses the boundaries of human heart and mind and beyond. Keeping up with the very essence of expression, we, KELS, bring you APICS -an opportunity to transform your imagination into words.
Big words, small words- let your pen siphon them off your spirit onto the parchment!

Pharmacology Guide

In Pharmacology almost everything is important ! You just cannot leave a topic considering it unimportant or irrelevant. Everything is inter-related in some way so you need to have a strong grip on the basics at least. Remembering the details is an added advantage.

General Pharma:

The chapter from Cheema should serve as a guideline only. I suggest you study the major topics in detail from class lectures, Katzung, Lippincott (or even Kaplan). Specially the definitions.
The entire unit is important but following are the topics that you must definitely go through:

Lecture Slides : Community medicine; INFLUENZA

Lecture Slides : Community medicine ; DIPHTHERIA


By: Romesa Qaiser Khan, 1st year

            Oftentimes in medical life, under the daily siege of tests and substages and examinations and assignments, we tend to forget who we really are and who we’re going to grow up to be. Doctors. Being a doctor is not all about pills and injections and therapy, it’s also about making your patients happy. About feeling their pain as your own and doing everything you can to heal both body and spirit. When all other hope is lost, it’s us people look up to, if not to treat them then at least ease their passage from this life. We’re working in God’s own shadow and somehow we tend to forget this remarkable fact amongst petty concerns and the general tedium of life.
            To make sure we don’t completely lose sight of the bigger picture, Kemcolians Akhuwat Club is always giving us little chances to redeem ourself and to give us a goal worth going on for. Under the exceptional patronage of Dr. Izhar Dr. Amjad and Dr. Kamran, and the guidance of our …

United States Visa Guide for USMLE, Electives and Residency

United States Visa Guide for USMLE, Electives and Residency
VISA B1/B2- When Should Be Applied & with What Perspectives:Article by : Waqas Nawaz MD
There are three points where visa can be applied . Each point has it's own positives and negatives :

1. On the basis of Electives : 

Visa can be applied on the basis of electives. The success chance is 60-70 percent and if gets visa one can go to USA either in final year summer vacation or immediately after final year.
If visa obtained , one should not only do the electives but also do CS on same trip as Cs does not depend on Step 1and 2 . One can pass CS even before step 1 and 2.

USMLE Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) - The Basics

USMLE Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) - The Basics 

2nd part of step 2 is called clinical skills although it is not really clinical rather it is more about the communication skills and professional behavior. Following facts should be addressed:


This is misconception that CS can only be taken after step 2 ck as the clinical knowledge in CK helps In CS. CS can be taken at following points:

United States Clinical Experience (USCE) - The Basics

United States Clinical Experience (USCE) - The BasicsBy Waqas Nawaz M.D.
This is really important part of steps journey . I will try best to explain it in simplest way
The Need

Those days are over when people with triple 99 only used to get residencies . USA hospitals now require some clinical experience inside USA before you apply. This is partly because of the difference in the US system of healthcare and from systems all over the world.
Students work under supervision in hospitals and at the end of their rotation, they ask for Letter of recommendation (LOR) from the faculty with which they work.

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Abeera Ali (Class of 2012) - Score 254

USMLE Step 1 Experience by Abeera Ali (Class of 2012) - Score 254

Salam, I just got my usmle step 1 score and since reading about my seniors’ experiences helped me a lot, I want to share mine with you. Material used: Books: Kaplan series Goljan pathology First Aid 2012 and 2013 High yield biostatistics Conrad fisher ethics cases Internet resources: Webpath and neuroanatomy3d Videos: DIT Qbank: Kaplan and uworld Journey: I started studying step 1 books as my textbooks during my studies so by the time I had graduated in March, 2013 I had given at least one read to: Whole Kaplan series(except biochem), Goljan pathology, First Aid 2012, High yield biostatistic, conrad fischer ethics, patho and pathophysio from offline Kaplan Qbank (I didn’t use the rest.) I don’t know how useful that was since I didn’t start my official prep till August, 2013 3 months into my housejob. By that time I am sure I must have forgotten most of it but I guess I was more confident and comfortable then so I didn’t …

USMLE Step 2 CK (Before Step 1) Experience (Score: 256)


Ansab Abbas Haider - Class of 2012

I got my step 2 CK score 256 today and I would begin by thanking the Almighty without whose will, this would still be a dream. I gave my step 2 ck before step 1 so this article might be useful for those usmle aspirants who plan to take step 2 ck before step 1 or others like me who started step 1 prep during college but couldn’t complete it and instead, might want to consider taking step 2 ck first right after final year.
Journey: During 3rd year I had made up my mind to do usmle and since the beginning of 3rd year I started using Kaplan books to help me orient myself with usmle exam. By the end of third year I started considering taking step 1 in my 4th year so in the beginning of my 4th year I continued the practice of studying step 1 books. Some where around the end of the year I had completed one read of all Kaplan step 1 books (except biochem and some of physio), high yield biostats …

The Woman Of Today

BY SABA NOOR, 1st Year

 I see her...  At the brim of self-destruction   THE WOMAN OF TODAY She claims She is fighting  For her rights Doesn't she realize Barring herself Is what she is doing A Suicide... She..

USMLE Step 2 CK Study Scheme


Duration: 5months = 2 MONTHS (1st read) + 1 month 15 days (2nd read) +1 month DAYS (3rd read)8 days (4th read) +4 days (MTB step2) 3days (MTB step3) 3 days for NBME

Materials Needed: Kaplan series

A Levels students: You can make it to KEMU

by Zanira Ali 
batch 2018

For as long as i can remember i have heard my parents zone on and on about how wonderful, prestigious and noble the medical profession is. Thus, when i grew up the idea had already taken its roots in my mind and though I remained confused till the end of my A Levels final year as to whether i should opt for engineering or medical, finally I decided to listen to my heart for only the heart can lead you to your destiny.


By: Romesa Qaiser Khan, 1st year.

Module is such an intriguing word. It has an aura of mystery, a charisma; it is an enigma that begs to be resolved by those who haven’t experienced it themselves firsthand.

And here to shatter all these illusions is a little preview of what module system is actually like.

·Snoozefests- It is a universally known fact that any student, when locked in a darkened room with no profess-ional supervision, will fall asleep. Modules in fact humanely serve this purpose of letting students rest up after the tiring, demanding workload of the intermodullary block. The first row students are seen gently swaying like reeds in the wind and chaos gradually descends with increasing height of rows until the last benchers can be heard snoring before they are sighted stretched out on 3-4chairs in the anatomical position with an arm dangling here, a chappal lying there. Indeed the world has seen none equal to these sleeping beauties except perhaps on buses from Peshawar to L…

English Language compulsory for B.Sc Examination

Appendix A
           (outline of Tests)     
There will be one paper carrying 100 marks of 3 hours duration.                                                                                                                         Marks Paper                                                                   100 i) Prose Part                                                                     50          
ii) General Part:                                                      50
  1-Comprehension                                                 15   2-Report Writing                                                  10   3-Translation into English                                      10   4-Essay (200 words)                                             15