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Lecture Slides; Pathology: LUNG

Lecture Slides; Pathology: KIDNEY

Test Slides;EYE: Orbit & Thyroid eye disease

Test Slides; EYE: Diseases of Lens

Lecture Slides; Gynae: HTN in pregnancy

Lectures Slides : ENT ; FAcial paralysis And Meniere's disease

Lecture Slides; EYE: Destructive processes

Lecture Slides; Radiotherapy: the cancer genome

Reminder: Be human.

By~ Romesa Qaiser Khan, 1st year

Say, you have a cough. Maybe it’s the air, maybe just the season for infections. You don’t think much of it. After all you’re an adult and you’ve had infections hundreds of times. It’ll go away. But let’s say it persists for a day or two. You get a fever too. Your parents worry. Especially your mom. They go out and buy you medicine if you don’t have it at home already. They hover over you, pamper you, cater to you. In a few days, you recover.  Everything’s forgotten and you go back to your happily ever after.

Lecture Slides; Community Medicine: TYPHOID FEVER

Lecture Slides; Pathology: GOUT

Lecture Slides;TB & CD: TB

Lecture Slides; surgery: Liver Abscess

Lecture Slides; Surgery: breast CA

Lecture Slides; ENT: Larynx CA


Lecture Slides; EYE: LENS

Winners KemComics Fiesta 2014

brought to you by KAPS - Kemcolians' Arts & Photography SocietyKemUnited - Kemcolians United
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And the WINNERS are....

Importance of house job

By Waqas Nawaz M.D
Students are asking whether they should skip house job if they are preparing for USA . I would say against it . Burning boats is never good option. If you think you cannot study with major fields house job, better do house job in ENT, Plastic Surgery. Following points highlight its importance:

1. by doing 12 month house job , you show in your CV that you were not away from clinical while preparing steps that is really important question asked by all programs during interviews.
2. You become eligible for Qatar residency program by doing house job that should be your plan B.
3. You become eligible for FCPS part 1 that should be your plan C.
4. You become eligible for PPSC MO jobs that should be your plan D.
5. You know clinical stuff and dealing with patients.
6. You have strong answers In visa interview that you are earning.
7. You can do small jobs in Pak between step 3, interview and match season that require house      job.
So never under look house job,

USMLE STEP 1 Experience by Sara Atiq Khan Score 268 (April 2014)

USMLE STEP 1 Experience by Sara Atiq Khan Score 268 (April 2014)

The beginning....
Technically I started studying by mid may 2013, got the books organized and asked around about how to go about scheduling myself. my aim was to give the exam by January or February 2014. the 1st couple of weeks I was very lazy, didn't actually get serious till beginning of June. Started off with physio because it was a weak subject for me having lived through the Prof Akram era, took me about two weeks to do it with lectures. Then I did something easy to give myself a break, did anatomy without lectures, and finished it in about a week.

Lecture Slides; Community Medicine; water sampling


Second Year

Hey,how are u ?
(The little creature wasn't bothered by the question much)
Whats Ur name buddy ?'
(He kept on staring the bed.....) how rude :(
Okkk, Anything you like or want something ?
(This time the angry bird was irritated much,he started crying)
This worked,I surrendered finally..
okkkk okkkk i won't question u anymore but don't cry.
This wasn't my day, i realized..

Lecture Slides : Pathology : osteorthritis

Lecture Slides; Medicine: Pleural effusion & Pneumothorax

Lecture Slides; Gynaecology: Malposition & Malpresentation

Lecture Slides; TB & CD: LRTIs

Lecture Slides; Surgery: Gallbladder Carcinoma

Lecture Slides; Eye: Complications of cataract surgery

Lecture Slides; Radiotherapy: CELL CYCLE

Lecture Slides; Pathology: Myeloproliferative disorders.

Lecture Slides; Community Medicine: International Health

A Letter to Short Video makers in KEMU.

(This writing concerns the inter-class part of the Film Festival 2014 in K.E.M.U)

To, The Short Video Makers, Crème de la crème, KEMU,Lahore.

Dear Kemcolians,   I have a few words to share with you, the video makers in KEMU. Let me begin by telling you a little from my memory at KEMU.

Lahore. Year 2007. In the den of Kings & Queens, a competition was held , for the first time in the history of any Medical college in Pakistan, for the first time in the history of any Engineering university in Pakistan, It was- Inter-Class Short Video Competition with Music Show, in (old) auditorium of KEMU. Few arts colleges in Lahore and Karachi had organized such video competitions till that year. But not with the same enthusiasm, as kemcolians did it. It was a shocking news for media personnel, with newspapers stating"Video Competition is held at KEMU, and the moment of surprise is that the videos have been made and edited by medical students themselves". It was a moment of surprise for the…

Dr. Saira Afzal's THE Book for Community Medicine hits the markets !

A Talk with Dr. Saira Afzal (FCPS, MPhil) over her new Book. HOD KEMU Community Medicine 2012
By Moeed Ahmed & Taroob Latef

Education I have had my schooling from the Convent. My teachers were nuns and they were extremely dedicated, pushing us forward in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. Hardly a day would go by when we wouldn’t have any activity. I did my FSc from Kinnaird and Mbbs from King Edward, Class of 2001.
My first research was published in 2001 in my final year in Impact Factor Journal.

Lecture Slides;Pathology: Acute leukemia

Lecture Slides; Pathology: WBCs

Lecture Slides; Pathology: auto immune hemolytic anemia & vit B12 deficiency

Lecture Slides; Pathology: Sickling disorders

Lecture Slides; Pathology: Thalassemias

Lecture Slides; Pathology: Iron disorders & anemia of chronic diseases

Lecture Slides; Pathology: Osteomyelitis

Lecture Slides; Pathology: fibrous tumors & paget disease

Lecture Slides: SURGERY

Lecture Slides; Medicine: Bronchiectasis & Lung Abscess

Lecture Slides; Community Medicine: Occupational Diseases & Hazards

King Edward Film Festival 2014

Kemcolians' Arts & Photography Society
brings you
the royal event of the year !
The King Edward Film Festival 2014

A 2 day extravaganza!

Lecture Slides; ENT: The Larynx

Lecture Slides; Surgery: Liver tumours

Lecture Slides; Community Medicine: Occupational health

Lecture Slides; Community Medicine: Occupational diseases

Lecture Slides; TB & CD: Bronchiectasis

Lecture Slides; TB & CD: COPD

Lecture Slides; Medicine: Pneumonia

Lecture Slides; Eye: Diseases of the lens

Lecture Slides; Eye: Cataract

KemComics Fiesta 2014

KAPS - Kemcolians' Arts & Photography SocietyKemUnited - Kemcolians United
the official student blog of King Edward Medical University

KemComics Fiesta 2014
“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”

1st Intercollegiate Comics Competition
Lo and behold ! KemUnited, the phenomenon that it is, in collaboration with one of the most versatile societies of KEMU, KAPS- Kemcolians' Arts & Photography Society, presents the first ever Intercollegiate Comics Competition ! Starting with a few humble declarations, KemUnited has been a pioneer blog with regards to many aspects. From guiding juniors and graduates alike to compiling a very helpful collection of medicine knowledge, various articles ranging from personal experiences to other guidelines as well as past papers, it is surely one of the most popular medicine/university blog around. 10k+ fb followers and growing, speaks for itself ! Not solely catering to geeks KemUnited maintains a nice balance between the …

Ophthalmology Lecture Slides

ENT Lectures


WALKING BACK IN HISTORY Interview with Prof. Dr. Akhtar KhanEx-Principal KEMC
Taken By  Dr. Saira Afzal, Dr. Saira Tariq, Dr. M. Munir, Junaid Tariq, A. Haseeb, Sidra Chishti, Shahbano Salman