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Surgery Ward Test OSCE (2015)

1-Scenario of RTA with brain damage.Q) What is the difference b/w primary and secondary cerebral injury?  Q) How to diagnose condition?  Q) What is the immediate treatment?

Two Years of Medical Life

by Muhammad Ahmed Malik  2nd year MBBS
Two years of medical life are essence of those experiences that we haven't experience in our past life . Some of these experiences have left strong memory traces in our hippocampus while some experience are so dumb that we want to get rid of them ! So here are some experiences of two years medical life .
1) The feeling of becoming a KEMCOLIAN is not less than feeling of conquering the world. The phrase All Kings and Queens are in King Edward has its own charm and attraction for a firstulla becoming a part of this prestige.
2) The feeling of being ragged and doing "Chee Phaa Tuss" for the seniors is one which after this we cannot experience during our entire life. The line "Chee Phaa Tuss" has a  heredity importance and is transferred to the firstullas by the seniors.

3) Doing dissection on a cadaver is first ever feeling of becoming a doctor.

4) First ever substage experience

KemVines Contest - 1st Online Vine Competition

Keeping up with it's tradition of holding successful online competitions for 5 years, KemUnited proudly presents yet another exciting contest !


A vine is a funny short video typically 6- 15 seconds long showing life in motion usually recorded using smartphones and shared on social media.
RECORD A VINE : portraying life in a medical college.

The Quality should be atleast 480p, 
640 x 480 resolution 

Duration:10 seconds - 1 minute
You can record the vine video using the Vine App, Instagram, Dubsmash, DSLRs, Digital Cameras or whatever app or gadget you want. 

Language : can be Urdu/ English.

Theme: Medical college life 

SEND: email the vine video to
mentioning the title of the vine, your name, class and college.
Size: Ideally the size of the vine should be less than 25MB. Videos greater than 25MB should be uploaded on Google Drive and send as an attachment to You may also submit your videos to the KemUnited…

Through the Looking Glass

By Mushal Noor (published in Kemcol 2014)

It isn't pretty when you get out of these walls; walls we've all been dying to escape. It isn’t easy either. That is life; stuff happens. Moving to another country. Failing an exam or interview. The death of a family member. A miscarriage. A broken marriage. It will happen to us, and to those we know.

You'll see that academic success is no guarantee of success in the real world. Those who had supplees will also Match. Some of the Theetas will fail their first FCPS attempt. The girl who trumpeted throughout first year that her dad was a surgeon and she'd be one too, will skip housejob and become a stay-at-home mom. The guy who went through medical college only because his parents forced him to, will sit for the CSS exam soon after his father dies.

In the sanctity and comfort of the Physio and Patiala lecture theaters, sitting on the same benches, you will not realize how different you all are. Ten years down the line- some in BMW…

"If HE plans this for me, I won’t let HIM succeed….. I’d prefer death?"

By Aimen Saeed 2nd yr

My Laziness Triumphs All

by Konpal Mudassar
Here I am in a happy place, a place with unicorns flying in the sky, rainbows everywhere, waterfalls and free food for everyone. And I am the Queen. 

 But wait! What is that? A monster? To destroy my kingdom? Don’t worry, my people, your queen will protect you. I change my beautiful gown and put on my ninja costume. Boom! BOOM! Take that! I try to fight the monster but it is getting stronger. My kingdom is fading away and suddenly I wake up from my dreams. 

Test; West surgery; Midterm

Test; North surgery; Midterm

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Hepatic Encephalopathy

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Portal HTN part 1

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Unstable Angina & Myocardial Infarction

Lecture Slides; Cardiology; Hypertension

Lecture Slides; Dermatology; Psoriasis

test, south surgery

Lecture Slides; Ortho; Osteogenic Sarcoma

Lecture Slides; Surgery; DVT

Lecture Slides; Derma; Systemic Sclerosis

Lecture Slides; Paeds: Vaccination

Lecture slides: Gyne/Obs: Miscarriages

Lecture slides: Medicine: Hypertension

Lecture slides: Orthopaedics: Osteoporosis

Lecture slides: Orthopaedics: Tuberculosis

Lecture slides: Surgery: Varicose veins

Lecture slides: Surgery: Surgical diseases of spleen

Lecture slides: Surgery: Research

Lecture slides: Surgery: Portal hypertension

Lecture slides: Surgery: Surgical ethics

Test: Radiology