KEMU Graduate Diaries: Dr.Usama Bin Tahir

Dr.Usama Bin Tahir of batch 2012 is currently working as Emergency Medicine Resident Physician in New York Medical College. During his days in King Edward Medical University, he served as President KAPS Kemcolians Arts & Photography Society , co-founder KemUnited and had been an integral part of Kemcolians Dramatics Society, Sports Club and various other societies and projects.

"When I came to KE I thought I was done with my studies because that's what mum said all my life: "Putar bus ab parh lo agay sari umer ayash ha" Obviously turned out my life was a lie. But to enjoy I practically joined all the societies that existed. And these societies gave me something more. They gave me people. Powerful people. As in those who knew what to do with their life. So I obviously was a few years ahead of my class-fellows. And that made all the difference.
Me, I knew what I wanted to do right from early years of KEMU. Helped me focus, oriented and put my energies in right direction. Instead of studing for prof I studied for MLE's. Got in touch with with people who helped me in every walk of life. If I had any issue I used to eat the brains out of my seniors until I was confident and knew exactly what the next step would be like.
My advice to all the undergrades would be. Cherish the moments you have. Aim big. Aim early. And go for it. There is nothing impossible in this world. And nothing is as hard as people say. But it needs proper devotion, proper time and most importantly proper guidance. Work smart rather then work hard. And have faith and hope in God because that would be single most important thing that will keep you going.
Goodluck "
Read more about his USMLE Experience here 

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