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What We Do In KE - KAPS Film Festival Special

By Laiba Khalid

Make the Right Move, Decide Now!

Review by
Haleema Munir,AIMC,
Faisal Inayat,AIMC,

Sadaf Hafeez,K.E.M.U
Atika Jabeen,AIMC ( Project Director)

It is not uncommon to find medical students who are in the final year of their MBBS but still are completely unaware of the course they are to adopt for the post-graduation studies. A huge majority of these youngsters are negligent of most of the postgraduate programs being offered locally as well as abroad.
'Failing to plan is planning to fail'
As an antidote to this lack of awareness with respect to the career opportunities for medical students, International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, Local Council (AIMC), organized a “Career Guidance Seminar for Medical Students” in collaboration with AIMCON. The event was a huge success with maximum participation from medical students from medical colleges from all over the city.
Click here to download the collection of presentation slides by all speakers.
(Download the attachment for proper view)


By Aushna Rasool
Allotment in King Edward GIRLS HOSTEL is more like an election season! hype…hoopla…excitement….stochasticity…politics…fun….IT’S ABOUT EVERYTHING!
dedicated to the VICTIMS OF ALLOTMENT :P

IFMSA- Lahore presents "CAREER GUIDANCE SEMINAR" -- Time to Decide your Future!

“Would you tell me please which way I ought to walk from here?” ‘That depends on a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat. ‘I don’t  much care where--’ said Alice “Then it doesn’t matter which way to walk,”said the Cat. (Alice’s adventures in Wonderland)
So It is very important to ‘begin with the end in mind’ as Sean Covey phrases it. Previously It was  the dream of coming into KEMU behind my every action.  Every test that I rattalized in FSc, Every night that I spent with those extremely boring books was  Yes, for the 'Greater Good.’ And then time passed and Allah by His Kindness granted me KEMU. So What further now? Study. Ok.

KELS and KemUnited: 3rd PhotoCaptioning 2013 Amplified

KELS English and KemUnited Present 3rd Photo Captioning Contest 2013 Amplified!
The event with a two year success is back again, refined and revised. All the photographers who caption a photo as well as, they can take them, here’s your chance to seize this year’s trophy. What’s more, we have two simultaneous contests within the same event.
1."Walking through pavillions, turrets and arches of King Edward, I reflect....."

What We Do In KE # 4

By Laiba Khalid



KemComics Fiesta 2013 WINNERS

Annddd Finallyy the result you have all been anxiously waiting for is out now ! Without furthur ado , lets just see who the WINNERS of KEMCOMICS FIESTA 2013 are !!
1st Position Fatima Qamar 2nd Year

A Different Love Story !

By Usama Irshad
December 13,2012.
As the car rounded that last bend in the road that connects the Mall to the Old Anarkali and leads directly to KE,I was suddenly reminded of the intensity of my feelings for this hallowed place.
Nestled in the very heart of this beautiful bazaar so aptly named 'Anarkali'(after Salim's favorite concubine),lay,its magnificent domes glistening white in the early morning sunlight,King Edward Medical University. Little did I know that in those first brief looks I was falling in love with this place

                           KE in oils!

Those endless study hours and life-draining MCAT prep-classes(more on that later!) suddenly looked like the best thing that ever happened to me,for if not for them I would never have been standing where I stood at that moment....

Hostel Life: Expectations Vs. Reality

Aqsa Mumtaz. 1st Year

How we imagined our room to be like how it turned out to be

Main Kia Likhun میں کیا لکھوں۔۔۔؟

سوچتا ہوں کچھ لکهوں...مگر کیا لکهوں...مرض کہن لکهوں یا شورش فردا لکهوں....زلف جاناں کی سیاہی کی داستاں لکهوں....یا دل پہ گناہ کی کالک کا بیاں لکهوں....اسکے حسن کی شان میں غزل لکهوں....یا سیاہی کو لہو پہ افضل لکهوں...گیسوئے لیلی کا فسانہ لکهوں.... یا عافیہ کی سسکیوں کا ترانہ لکهوں....اسکے مڑمڑ کے تکنے کی ادا لکهوں.... تیرے  جهک کے جینےکو میں کیا لکهوں...بےوفائی کا اسکی کوئی قصہ لکهوں....یا جعفروصادق کا تجهے حصہ لکهوں....اسکے شرمانے کو ادا یا شرارت لکهوں....یا بیوہ کے اکلوتےکی شہادت لکهوں....اسکے کانوں میں چمکتی ہوئی بالی پہ لکهوں.... یا کشمیر کے جهرنوں کی لالی پہ لکهوں....اسکے رخسار کےکالے تل پہ لکهوں.....یا فلسطیںکے مسلماں کے دل پہ لکهوں....ناگن زلف کو مخملی زنجیر لکهوں.....یا غلامئ قصرابیض تیری تقدیر لکهوں....ہجرکی شام لکهوں،وصل کی رات لکهوں..... یا تیری عقل پہ پڑے پردےکی بات لکهوں....قیامت لکهوں گر میں ان نیم باز آنکهوں کو...تو کیا لکهوں سر بازارپڑی کٹی پهٹی لاشوں کو....تجهے میرزا کا شاگرد یا میر کا مقلد لکهوں....یا گوررومی،سعدی واقبال کی مرقد لکهوں....اسکی نظروں کو ناوک نیم کش لکهو…

For the gift you have, persist!

For the gift you have, persist! (A synopsis of All Pakistan Aspiring Writers’ Convention, 2013 at LUMS)
So! That entire furor over the hot LUMS writing competition and almost everyone asking one another, “yar ap ne LUMS ke lie writing submit kara di?” finally did end and the event took place on Sunday, March 31, 2013. For those who couldn’t make it to the gathering, here is a gist of what happened there (Focusing majorly on the productive discussions by some literary people)
Initially, there was a panel discussion scheduled on the topic “'How Creative Writing Can Serve Both as a Passion and a Source of living.”, the speakers for the panel being Ali Usman Qasmi, Farrukh Khan and Aysha Raja, plus CEO of Ferozesons publishers was among them too (As far as I can recall)

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