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Lecture slides: Radiology: chest X ray

Them "SCORES" feel !!

Being an A level student, I never really realized what it's like to have an array of students arranged in ascending order on basis of difference of marks.
I mean , an A* meant an A* back then, and all was merry!

It wasn't long when I entered KE to have witness a never-ending race of superiority based on the number of marks you get in professionals. I mean it's simply NOT AT ALL, 'JUST PASS' like I had it in my mind or most of Kemcolians you'd encounter in daily routine tell you about!

Lecture Slides: surgery: surgical Anatomy of Thyroid n parathroids

Lecture Slides: Medicine; Myasthenia gravis

Lecture slides: Gynae obs: placenta and membranes

Lecture Slides; surgery; Abdominal injuries

Lecture Slides; surgery; anatomy of thyroid and parathyroid glands

Lecture Slides; Paediatrics; Jaundice in newborn

Lecture slides: Dermatology: Bacterial infections

Lecture slides: Surgery: Surgical quackery

Lecture slides: Radiology: Chest X ray

kemu lecture presentation slides: orthopaedics: osteoarthritis

Lecture Slides: Medicine; Endocrinology;Growth hormone

lecture slides: gynecology: early gynecological development

lecture slides: urology: bladder cancer

lecture slides: plastic surgery: intro to reconstructive surgery

lecture slides: paediatrics: paeds overview

lecture slides: dermatology: basics of skin

Lecture Slides; Orthopedics; Bone Tumor

Lecture Slides; Medicine: Guillain Barre Syndrome

USMLE Step 1 Experience (262) by Rizwan Zafar

Step 1 (262) by Rizwan Zafar
I am writing this experience because I think it might help others avoid the mistakes I made during my preparation. I started preparing for step 1 after my final year result was declared, and I took a long time preparing for it. I did all  subjects from kaplan except pathology, for which i did goljan and it was a big mistake as it took me more than 3 months to complete it along with my medicine rotation and in the end I almost retained none of it. I hadn't completed my first read until the end of my 3rd rotation of house job i.e 9 months for the first read with house job.  I read every subject from kaplan(except patho) along with video lectures for most subjects followed by relevant First aid portion after each subject. For patho I did goljan along with its lectures followed by first aid of patho.

Pathology Models 2014

3rd year Sendup and Prof Past Papers 2014


Eye Prof Bank 2014

All students went to floor 3 but respective professors conducted viva acc to schedule. Long case first. 2 students on 1 pt. Mostly catract. Few glaucoma. Few Trauma,aphakia. Short... 3 or 4 pts. Ull b told to examine one. They change pts aftr sumtym. ONLY TEL FINDINGS eg red eye. Watering. Corneal lens opacity. Droopin o lid.

Lecture slides: Cardiology : Mitral stenosis

Lecture Slides: Gynecology; Introduction to Obstetrics

ENT Xrays made Easy

Better Safe Than Sorry

Ayesha Mushtaq 1st Year

KE ought to have its name in Guinness by now. Not for its age; neither for its graduates nor for its history. Then?
“For being home to the largest variety of theeta species on Pak Sar Zameen”

These theetas come in all shapes and sizes, may belong to any year, hail from the most metropolitan or the remotest area, but one thing that they all have in common is their eternal love for books. No, not books as in any form of literature, but books as in course books. The drab, dreary and monotonous course books that one doesn’t even want to see, let alone go near those.

And it is precisely this common love that brings them together despite their diverse backgrounds and ties them into a bond of theetahood.

King Edward Debating Society, Review- 2014

King Edward Debating Society-An Overview “HOME OF FEARLESS” “It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it ”
HISTORICAL BACKGROUND : KEDS has a history which dates back to 1887, shortly after the opening of a new medical school, the home of the fearless, the home of the astute and articulates was founded. The art of speaking and communicating well cannot be separated from the science of medicine, hence the inception of King Edward Debating Society occurred way back in the early days of this institution. KEDS has a rich history of debating excellence. For past 10 years, it has made its name not only in the national field but also in the international arena. KEDS has made its mark in all formats of debating.

Dark Room Tests

All the units are asking complete detail of these dark room tests.
They are must to do.

Slides ID Points for Pathology practical


How often you come across a special child and you feel like talking to him?  Or do u feel like asking the parents that how are they doing? Do you feel like asking how he and his family are coping up with their lives? Or you feel like staying away or look at them as if they were "aliens".
The truth is every person is unique in itself. Allah has made every individual different:  Every individual, beautiful.  Every individual complete, in its own self.

And there are persons to whom Allah has granted something special. They do not lack anything rather they are gifted by

Debaacha - BNU Debates

Syed Ahmad Raza (Vice President KEDS '15) writes:
CongratulationsFatima Rizwan,Sumbul Liaqat, andDua Noorfor making it to semi-finals of BNU parliamentary debates. It is a great news for KEDS since it was your first School Style Debates and you made it this far in an outside event. Bravo (Y) keep making us proudJ And well doneHamid Ali,Abdullah JahangirAbdullah MasoodTabish JavaidSalikAhmed Rafay Afzalfor breaking into quarter finals. Hard luck in the end though. We're sure you'll grab awesome scores in the upcoming eventsJ
And let's hear it forTaha Masoodand Ali Haider Jafferi for delivering brilliant speeches at Chief Minister Punjab Bilingual Declamation Contest. Keep it up boys