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Ayesha Mushtaq, Class of 2019, has been an avid reader of KemUnited even before getting admitted to KE. She serves KemUnited in the capacity of writer, photographer and class representative. She primarily indulges in blogging about the various aspects of life at KEMU. Her favourite chill out spot in KE is the Pharma Wall, for it offers a convenient view of the campus. She wishes to accomplish the following before graduation:
  • survive 5 years of torture in the name of professional exams
  • contribute to Kemcol
  • become a good doctor
  • turn into a strong, empowered woman
  • set up her own blog and be able to reach out to a diverse audience  (Updated: August 2017 - The blog is now a reality; she blogs at )


This was where the journey of contributing to KemUnited began, only two days after the merit list came out. A bird's eye view of the closing merits for all the public sector medical colleges in Punjab.

Also published before the commencement of classes, 
this blog tells you about the writer's choices and dreams, and how she ended up in KE.

Read about the happenings during the first month spent at KE,
and how hostel life marked a new chapter of life.

Learn how to identify members of the 'theeta' species, and also why you should stay away from one if you do not belong to them.

An account of the way becoming a Kemcolian changes your life and turns you into a celebrity overnight, and the perks and privileges associated with this term.

Chronicles of a firstula's KemLife between            
the months of March and April.

The 16th All Pakistan Trilingual Declamation Championship, hosted from 28-29 April 2015 by King Edward Debating Society - through my lens.

Read the official event review of the most happening            
event in the King Edward societies' calendar! 

Read about the very happening four day journey by nine KEDS members to Rawalpindi Medical College Deabtes '15, which ended with a runners-up trophy!

10. Baba Meri Awaz Suno Na                                             
Written from the perspective of the daughter of an army 
officer, whose father is deployed in Waziristan. 

Just a few tips and tricks that may come in handy in the last month before MCAT (Medical Colleges Admission Test)

To The Land of Four Seasons

The Highest Mountains

And The Bravest People

To Pakistan.

A letter to the homeland - Independence Day Special.

An informative article that sheds light on career choices other than MBBS and BDS. 

A comparison of the closing merits of all 17 government medical colleges in Punjab, as per first merit list of 30th October 2015.

15.Call Letter Sample
Guidance for new first year.

16. Musings of a Firstula - The Final Bow
An account of the last phase of the journey through 1st year MBBS at KEMU.

17. The Unmistakable Signs of a Kemcolian
 Read along and find out how to identify a Kemcolian out of a myriad of species. A quick, guaranteed, fool-proof method!

18. Pictorial Review - KEDS' 17th All Pakistan Declamation Championship

19. Event Review - KEDS' 17th All Pakistan Declamation Championship

20. KEDS Trip to PMC
An account of the journey made by a dozen KEDS
members to Punjab Medical College Faisalabad,
from where they returned with a runners up
 trophy for KEMU!

21. All Things Prof
The typical symptoms of the onset of prof season, which begin as early as the summer vacation, are all explained here!

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