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ALL PAK MEDIA FEST '15 Event Review

Ayesha Mushtaq and Ayesha Saeed Malik

1st Year MBBS

KAPS held its much awaited annual event, the All Pak Media Fest ’15 spanning over three days between 26th and 28th of May 2015.

Day 1:
It featured the All Pak Arts and Photography Exhibition, along with various on the spot competitions such as pot painting, floral arrangement, shirt painting and poster painting. The photography and art work of students from various colleges and universities was arranged tastefully in Patiala Block.

Photo credits: Sana Nouman Ashar
The paintings were judged by the famous painters Imran Qureshi and RM Nadeem (distinction holder NCA graduate), while photography was judged by none other than the internationally renowned photojournalist and engineer, Irfan Ahson. Students made the most of the famed photographer’s presence amongst themselves and avidly took selfies and photos with him, while also displaying keen interest in the exhibited works.

Results were announced in New Auditorium where prizes were also distributed amongst winners.

Day 2
The second day of KAPS All Pak Media Fest ’15, consisting of the inter-class short video competition, kicked off to a start later than scheduled in the New Auditorium. The competition was judged by Umair Ahmed Khawaja (graduate of NCA and documentary film-maker), and Faris Ali Qazi (aspiring film-maker).

It showcased the talent of Kemcolians as film-makers and as performers. The short movies were interspersed with various musical performances from Aida Shahzad, Ubaid Ali Rana, Farhan Ashraf and Umair Mazhar, Saad ur Rehman and Moeed Ahmed, rap by Aamer Sohail and Moaz bin Saeed, keyboard by Noor e Ahmed and beatboxing by Usman Shami.

Coolest Rap Ever!

The show opened with the movie ‘I am normal’ by Muhammad Shehryar Khan, depicting the struggles of a visually impaired girl. Up next were stories of the rise to fame of a handicapped person despite criticism from society (Tum Kyun Khamosh Ho), procrastination and day-dreaming (Tehreer, Muhammad Usama), and lives destroyed by terrorism (Main Kis Ke Naam Likhun, Dark Productions). Also featured were the comedy pK-2 by Dark Productions, 10 Types of Kemcolians (originally produced for this year's welcome party), and last year’s blockbuster Teen Minute by Talha Saleem, which had the audience in tears by the end of it. The most awaited movie was unarguably Dhanda by Oval Productions, makers of last year’s super hit Gunahgaar.  Not to mention a few disasters that had the audience shouting for the screening to be paused. 


Day 3:
It saw the All Pak Short Video Competition in the morning and Battle of Bands in the evening. Irfan Khoosat was the chief guest for the short video competition. The show opened with the music video Mera Ishq and followed by some brilliantly composed videos from various institutes on various 

issues ranging from the 16th December tragedy (Lahu) to the aftermath of WWII (The Lost Letter), to deeply moving videos on a mother’s love for her child (Lakri ki Kaathi) , religious enlightenment (Iman ka Iman) , and patriotism (Hidayat). Also featured were a couple of song performances between the videos, and short movies on lighter topics such as a brilliantly shot video depicting a mobile phone love story (Tachycardia) and the musical UniUsual showing two sides of a story, that won a lot of applause from the audience.

A scene from the movie Hidayat

Tachycardia, FJMC


Battle of Bands:
Syed Noor and Abrar ul Haq
An energetic musical night in the New Auditorium, which was once famed to shelter studious purposes, was now teeming with homo sapiens from all institutions to witness an imperial spectacle fumed by melodies of heart and mind, only to be kindled by the zealous cheers of the enraptured audience. Famed showbiz personalities Syed Noor and Abrar ul Haq graced the event with their kind presence as chief guests. Live performances by Kemcolians as well as other bands brought the once empty walls of the auditorium to life. Heads swayed in unison, hands clapped and mouths hooted for it was an unforgettable night. 

Best Band: GCU Faisalabad
Best Solo: GCU Faisalabad
Best Vocalist: Abeer (Band: Three Eyed Ravens)

KAPS Media Festival was a huge success. Everything was carried out perfectly except for the punctuality that was left behind somewhere in the midst of the activities of the event, and the frequent electricity issues in the auditorium which brought the screenings to a halt many a times. Battle of Bands undoubtedly earned the tag for 'best part' of the whole three day splendor. The event also helped dispel stereotypes that all Kemcolians do is study, and managed to impress the guests immensely. Indeed KAPS put a cheery end to the 2015 list of society events.

Ma'assalamma .


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