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Kemcolian Legacy – Story of Reunion ‘88

By Ruhma Ihsan 3rd Year
It was a gloomy and dark day when Dr.Sidra gave me the news that I have to stay here in winter vacations to help our seniors in planning their reunion. I agreed, "seniors, ahan" *sighs*

They are planning their 25th anniversary of graduation and I was like what??  What will we do in party of some old dry sophisticated papery doctors?!
Then the show started. Day after day of meetings and discussions followed. Surprisingly we enjoyed those meetings; the spice of the meetings was Dr.Nadeem Ali Khan. The way he smiled at us like a beloved father and said,"Guriya" filled our hearts with affection for him. He holds a prestigious office and yet he is so humble. *Respect Sir*
On that day (25th December) we woke up planning that we will stay serious and behave in a mature manner. After promising ourselves thus, we reached Patiala cricket ground. There we were told that more than one class has come. Match was planned between classes of 1988 and 1993. Stalls…

Something Old and Something Sweet!

Its become an almost everyday ritual now.Leaving the college cafeteria with its banal menu,and oh-so-crammed interior,I set out to explore eat-outs in Anarkali.
And while my friends always hate my random trips around the ancient alleys and are always trying to steer me off to the-good-old-al-karim,they don't always have their way.
And so,on one such trip, I stumbled across S.Mohkam&Sons. Nestled in a crook not far from the right-wing entrance to the Patiala Block,S.Mohkamuddin has a rich history(and some heavenly finger biscuits too) to share with any curious soul who decides to drop in.

Mohkam is probably the oldest modern bakery in Asia. Established in 1879 when the concept of cakes and biscuits was alien to the Indians who were more akin to such delights as 'ladoos' and 'peras',it managed to make a huge name in the subcontinent in a very short period.

A tribute to "Uncle"...


Pathology Prof Bank 2013

Paper PatternTotal Marks 300
Written 150 marks Mcqs 45 marks
Seqs 30 marks
Pbq 30 marks
Leqs 30 marks
Internal Assesment 15 marks

Viva + Practical 150 marks Internal Histopathology            20 marks
Internal Haematology 20 marks
External 1                  20 marks
External 2                  20 marks

Spotting 20 marks
Major slide benign gross 15
Major slide malignant histopathology 15
Major slide haematology 10
Chemical Viva 5
Copy 5
i guess it is like this.. not confirm :-/ but those who don't pass at least 3 vivas in major, their practical marks are not included.

Spotting same as in third year. Slides, gross models and haem vials and droppers r there. Mainly slides. Then after spotting 3 slides wil b given to focus n identify. one haem, other benign and malignant cndition.
we hve to focus, identify and draw dem. viva wil be taken separetly on dem.
a scenario question is given for chemical viva. Do slides as shown on revision day or from kemunited. Models from kemunited an…

Community Medicine Prof Bank 2013

Paper PatternTotal Marks 300Written 150 Marks Mcqs 45 marks
Seq 30 marks
Pbq 30 marks
Leqs 30 marks
Internal assessment 15 marks

Viva 150 Marks Ospe 20 marks
Internal 45 marks
External 40 marks
Research 45 marks we were told.. i dunno exactly bout it :-/ whether extrnal has 40 or research has 40...

Ospe: 10 questions on 10 tables
Following topics were told to be done for ospe

ENT Prof Bank 2013

Paper Pattern: Total Marks: 200
Written 100 marks Mcqs 30 marks
Seqs 20 marks
Pbq 20 marks
Leqs 20 marks
Internal Assesment 10 marks

Viva 100 marks Not confirmed about its distriubtion but i gues it is smth like tis:
Long case 30 marks
Short case 30 marks
Table viva 30 marks
Internal 10 marks

Opthalmology Prof Bank 2013

Past paper pattern:Total Marks: 200Written 100 marks Mcqs: 30 marks
Short Questions: 20 marks
Pbq: 20 marks
Long Questions: 20
Internal Assesment: 10 marks

Viva 100 marks Long case: 50 Short case: 40 Internal Assesment: 10
This year viva pattern was different than last years. According to the schedule u get a unit like if mine is unit 1 then long and short case is taken by an internal and external of unit 1 only.  On viva day you have to take your 20 signed histories and ward cards with urself. Long case means a bed is alloted to u, u hvae to take history of patient, examine him/her, write ur history n examination on a sheet given to u and write ur d/ds. Internal or external, either of them will check your history and take viva, Ask u about dark room tests. 
Short case is few pateints are brought from opd, you r given a command to examine them, then your findings are asked. For this you have to do methods properly esp if u r in Dr. Imran Sahaf's unit. Ask students of his wards to t…

Past Papers 3rd Professional 2013


10 Steps to Ace MCAT

By Aneeqa Javed
1st Year

MCAT has always been a subject to criticism and every year we hear rumors like ‘iss saal MCAT nae hona’. But the thing is, whether you like it or not, you will have to take the test if you wish to be a doctor. Of course you will have to fly high in MCAT if you wish to be a kemcolian. I’ve gone through it once (thank God!) and I would like to share what I learned from my experience. If I summarize it, I think there are not more than 10 simple things you need to do to ace MCAT.


The most important thing is that you go through all your books i.e. chemistry, biology and physics at least once. Try to read the chapters as much as you can. Trust me; the book reading will help you more than you know. If you’ve done A levels, it is highly necessary that you go through the F.Sc books.

The Module System: A Road to Glory ?

By Aneeqa Javed (1st Year)

Like most of the other pre-med students, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. All I cared about back then was getting into Pakistan’s most prestigious institution ‘king Edward medical university’. Little did I know that I’d be one of the guinea pigs or should I say ‘the lucky batch’ that’d be a part of a new experiment, supposedly a new system that would enable medical students to learn faster and better (better sounds good). This was the ‘integrated module system’.

Modular System: Views and Reviews

By Muhammad Mohsin Ali (1st Year)
In a bid to revolutionize medical education by integrating technology with learning, our Vice Chancellor (from what everyone seems to be saying) has introduced a modular system of learning, a system which, because of its novelty and realistic approach, stands in sharp contrast to the conventional system of teaching. While many teachers and students (I’m in) consider this as the beginnings of a change, some of the neo-traditionalists (sorry, I couldn’t resist using the term) consider it as futile, and for all practical purposes, utterly a hallmark of professional imbecility.

Forensic Models by Zunaira Mahmood (Batch (2008-2013)


Forensic Biological Slides


Forensic Instruments


Forensic Toxicology




Forensic Xrays Labelled

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1st year. Histology revision slides. 2013.

PALATINE TONSIL 1. crypts lined by stratified squamous non keratinized epithelium 2. no lypmph sinuses  3. lymph nodules arranged in rows
SIMPLE COLUMNAR EPITHELIUM 1. single layer of tall cells 2. cells: height is more than width 3. elongated basal nucleus

The firstulla week: a Tom and Jerry Show

By Muhammad Mohsin Ali
(1st Year)

Die firstulla Woche: ein Tom und Jerry anzeigen  (The firstulla week: a Tom and Jerry Show)

{Note: Some of you must be opening Google translate (no, it’s no use denying) to find out what the title means. It’d be better to linger not on things that are beyond comprehension and move on. And if you find my superciliousness distasteful, go get a cookie. Send me one, too.}
With beaming faces, shining brows (with perspiration resulting more from trepidation than excitement) and crisp cuffs, the freshmen make their way to the new auditorium, anticipating a warm welcome from the Varsity administration. They certainly get it, both from the administration, and from those to whom the administration administers.
Contrary to popular appeal (and if it must be said, widespread superstition) that once you are safe and sound in the new auditorium, you get to hear a most interesting introduction to KEMU, the premier med school in Pakistan, the actual proceedings are a bit wh…

Histology Handmade Diagrams! 1st Year

-Ayesha Irfan

1st year Prof Past Papers and Viva Questions 2013

Anatomy sendup

Pathology Apparatus & Hematology/Urine


Pathology Practicals Agars


Patho Models by Muhammad Bilal


Patho Models - Photos by M.Fahad and Abeera Akram


Patho Slides by Muhammad Bilal


Recent Patho Slides - Photos by Muhammad Fahad



’پاپا آ گئے۔۔۔۔۔پاپا آ گئے۔۔۔۔۔“ علی سکندر اپنے پاپا کی طرف لپکتا ہے جو ابھی آفس سے واپس آئے ہیں۔ ”پاپا چلیں کھیلتے ہیں۔۔۔۔۔ چلیں نا میرے ساتھ۔۔۔۔۔پلیز پاپا۔“ اس کا معصوم دل اپنے باپ کی توجہ کا متمنی تھا۔ مگر اس کا باپ تھکاوٹ کا عذر پیش کرتے ہوئے کہتا ہے: ”بیٹا آپ جا کر ٹی وی پر اپنے پسندیدہ کارٹون دیکھ لیں۔“ اور علی کھیل کی فطری خواہش کو اپنے دل میں دبائے ٹی وی دیکھنے بیٹھ جاتا ہے۔۔۔۔۔شاید وہ معصوم خواہش آئندہ کبھی سر نہ اٹھائے۔


Surgery Ward Test Guide

Surgery Ward Test Guide By Class of 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Medicine Professional Exam 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Medicine Professional Exam Compiled by Class of 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Pediatrics Professional Exam 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Pediatrics Professional Exam Compiled by Class of 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Surgery Professional Exam 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Surgery Professional Exam Compiled by Class of 2012

Final Year Viva Questions - Gynecology and Obstetrics

Final Year Viva Questions - Gynecology and Obstetrics Professional Exam