Community Medicine Prof Bank 2013

Paper Pattern

Total Marks 300

Written 150 Marks

Mcqs 45 marks
Seq 30 marks
Pbq 30 marks
Leqs 30 marks
Internal assessment 15 marks

Viva 150 Marks

Ospe 20 marks
Internal 45 marks
External 40 marks
Research 45 marks we were told.. i dunno exactly bout it :-/ whether extrnal has 40 or research has 40...

Ospe: 10 questions on 10 tables
Following topics were told to be done for ospe

On viva day u have to bring ur Log books. Research paper, both hard and soft copy.
Viva same like neother viva as it was in pharma or forensic.

Prof ppr n Send up

Viva Questions

Following questions were copied from class groups. Ignore any unnecesary or offensive details.

Yaar mam biostat me se bht sun ri study ki types wagaira n sampling k types n research se related kuch b. N vaccines me se aik question kr lete ya koi coomunicable disease
 dysentry by shaking hands spread hoti? typhoid by hand spread hota? OCP liver disese me den gy? Dysentry ki chemotherapy? jornal or newspaper ka refrncs..
 com perho na perho same....maam ne mjse sensitivity aur specificity pucha, rhc aur bhu mei frk, epi mei kaunsi vaccine add hui, aur multivarient bivarient ka apply ku kia?? bki reasearch ki population pr batei theen.mje itni detail ni pta ti...extrnl ne phc, specific protecrtion immuno aur chemo k ilawa...hmare kprey b specific protection htey, rabies vaccine, yei yaad...
extrnl..define research,data,screening,sensitivity..rhc men diagnostic facilities..specific protection immuno n chemoprophylaxis 
mam saira..epidemiological triad,disinfectants type,organophosphorous poisning management,asbestos ki types
community day 2 ospe
rabies virus type
endemic diseases pk
water borne diseases
10 to 15 yr child calculate kcal/kg/day
standard deviation formula
antigen salmonella
family planning methods
diseases by mosquito

communty ospe. 
measles vaccine schdule, 
age of weaning, 
pt wd bitot spot nd keratomalcia.. diag 
daily allounce of vit a 
primary health care levels 
anthroprmetric measures 
water soluble vit 
name vaccines that are given at 6 weeks 
reference writng , journel and newspaper

Tests for diagnosis of typhoid Diagnosis of cholera Use of ocps Contraindications of ocps Side effects of ocps Different methods of contraception Composition of ORS Home made Carbonate ors and citrate ors Fat soluble vitamins Water soluble vitamins Methods of assessing growth Reference writinh from journal Comm Qs: Refrnc frm journal aur newsppr..rabies virus name..S.D frmula,yellow fever, Kcal requirmnt pr kg body wt for age 10-15 yr, endemic diseases of pak, water borne dis names, research me se variables in ur research, non parametric tsts, tsts of signifcnce.. do biostat frm log buk jo mam ne likhwaya sirf apna parhaya hua answer suntin. Cm me chil scene hai kuch sunao na sunao pas e ho almost , mam bht aram se viva le rhe or kuch b poch lete even research b agr kuch na ay tou easy wala que pochte or pas , ext research or phc k principles , soft water k hazards , occupa diseases mainly Ospe: news paper Journal Tea sugar free or shami kabab kitni kcal hngi? Mch ka incharge Mssp kani charge? Medical social oficr h ni ata tha. Pregnancy mn kn si vaccune dte Mmr ka chedule or ks ks k against dte hn Rabies k case ki managemnt
Mam: mumps ki cmplications. Small pox chkn pox mn diff. Small pox eradicate ho gya h to kio parhate hn? Is lie k dobara b ho skta h bcz america mn lab mn is ko rkha hua h abi tk. Is k natural reserves kia hn? Dengue ki serotypes kitni hn? Hemorhagic fever kio hta h? Is ki immunity develop hti h? Us serotypes k against ho jti h bkio k khilaf ni. Dengue k ab tk kitne case report hue hn? sorry mam.. news ni dekhte? pichle sal kitne case report hue punjab mn? Koi b ni. Is sal kitne hue hn? Measures of dispersion?
Xtrnal: frequency? Cumulative frequency? Disinfection? Natural ways of disinfection? Phc k principles? Naveed alam k ni btane. Equitable distribution, cmunity participation, intrsectorial coordination, appropriate technology. Ye 4 btane. ALHAMDULILLAH sai ho gya Mam saira Danger signz, matrnl mrtlty rate n ratio, types f statistcs, age spcfc frtlty rate, Xtrnl Chkn pox n herpes zooster diffence, pleomorphism, rabies vac, ref wrting q kartay Ospe Measlz ki imnty kinnay din baad ati Rubella ki kitna vac k bad imnty aati Polio hogya aik bacahy ko tw school close karain gay k nai Safe Mathrhood Chi sqr farmula Carbohydrate % Ref writing book n jrnl nitrites are more dangerous dn nitrates.. nitrogen cycle is imp... 4 ds or delays in pregnancy Delay in decision to seek care frm mch delay in deciding where to deliver Delay in reaching that place of health cre Delay in receiving adequate health care Soft water k hazards pooche the xtrnal ne kal ya parso... wo ye hn cardiovascular diseases. htn.degenerative heart diseases. Park mn di huin Mam saira apni wali biostats jo krwai inho ne wo b sunte hn , ospe me referenc writing , contaceptve methods, water born diseases, mosquito wali diseases, sd formula , salmonella ke antigen , nutrition req ov child 10-15 yrs in kcal/kg Ospe: news paper Journal Tea sugar free or shami kabab kitni kcal hngi? Mch ka incharge Mssp kani charge? Medical social oficr h ni ata tha. Pregnancy mn kn si vaccune dte Mmr ka chedule or ks ks k against dte hn Rabies k case ki managemnt
ALHAMDULILLAH sai ho gya Ospe.. 3Fs of chemoprophylaxis..if IUD tu cancer ho ga ke ni..Hepatitis B hath milane se hota ke ni..calories for 24 hours..aur yaad hi ni a ra bt Qs repeat ni hoti.. External..epidemo triad..environment..types..physical ki exampl..atmospheric n environment me fark..noise environment hai ya atm..Allah ki tarf se hi ho gya..suit for radiation kis se bna hota..plague causative agent..internal..chicken pox n small pox me fark..small pox dobara ho sakta..chicken pox ho sakta.CLUTCHES..pta ni kya hai..Relativ risk demo transition dependany ratio..attributble risk.. Baki dont take tension ho hi jata.. Com ospe: 2 thy k typhoid r cholera me pt healthy hai tau kia complication hoti. Breast cancer ho tau oral contraceptive dete. Thrombophlebitis ho tau iud dete. Journal r newspaper ki refernce writing. Rabies ki stage 1 ki management. Primary health care k centres.


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