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"Oh, screw beautiful, I'm brilliant, If you want to appease me, compliment my brain. Pretty is not enough. I want to be great."- Cristina Yang

Ayesha Saeed Malik is a student of 1st year MBBS. She is a junior contributor at KemUnited where she puts her avid interest for writing into use and performs as a blogger. So far she has published 6 blogs. Her favourite spot in the university encompasses all such places that offer at least a morsel of air conditioning. She'd like to make the following changes if crowned to be the V.C of King Edward Medical University:
1. Take foreign trips on university budget
2. Give 6 months vacation twice a year
She hopes to conquer the following feats before she graduates:
1. Learn at least something
2. pass with grace
3. be someone who save lives, be a doctor.
4. make herself proud, for starters

Blogs by Ayesha:
" There are two things that enrapture my undying attention : Reading and Writing. I need no motivation to do what I love :) "

1. Chronicles of a Freshman
You watch greys anatomy and you develop a thing for doctors, it burns in your chest until it morphs into the only beacon of light guiding you through a seemingly perpetual abyss of despair and doom -your academic journey!
2. Am I Good Enough?
A wise person once said:"if you think shy, you act shy." That wise person couldn't have been more right. For THOUGHTS are 'the great ancient mysteries' elevating mankind to the throne of creations.

3. KEDS: All Pak Declamation Championship
Official Event Review

4. KEDS: All Pak Parliamentary Championship
Official Event Review

5. KDS: Annual Drama 2015 
official event review

 6.KAPS All Pak Media Festival
Official Event Review


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