2nd Year MBBS: Resource Bank for Prof; Written, Viva and Practicals


--> Prof Syllabus 2nd Year MBBS (2015)--Compiled by Hadia Tahir
--> MBBS 2nd year syllabus by Ayesha Shahid

General Guides

--> Histology Guide 2nd Yr by Laiba Khalid
--> Neuroanatomy / Brain 2nd Year Important topics by Laiba Khalid
--> Important Questions Special Embryology--Compiled by M. Mohsin Ali Dynamo

Past Paper Questions (Topic Based)--Compiled by M. Mohsin Ali Dynamo

--> GIT module questions (includes physiology, anatomy and embryology)
--> Abdomen Pelvis Stage Questions Written
--> Nutrition and Endocrine Biochemistry Questions
--> Important Questions Carbohydrate Metabolism
--> Important Questions CNS Physiology
--> Important Questions Endocrine Physiology
--> Important Questions Genetics
--> Head and Neck Written
--> Important Questions Lipid Metabolism
--> Important Questions Neuroanatomy
--> Important Questions Nucleotide Metabolism
--> Important Questions Protein Metabolism
--> Important Questions Renal Module (includes physiology, anatomy and embryology)
--> Important Questions Special Senses

Past Paper Questions--Year Based

--> 2014 by Unsa Ather
--> 2013 by Aleesha Kainat
--> 2012 by Laiba Khalid and Tooba Jalees
--> 2011 by Abeera Akram
--> 2007-2010 by Sadaf Hafeez

Class Tests

--> 2015 by M. Mohsin Ali Dynamo
--> 2010 by Sadaf Hafeez


By Subject

--> MCQS- 2ND YEAR M.B.B.S. Physiology-- by Unsa Athar
--> CNS Physiology MCQs (this is an external link to some mcqs, some of these came in class tests)
--> Renal Physiology MCQs from seniors


--> MCQS- 2ND YEAR M.B.B.S. Biochemistry by Unsa Athar
--> Biochemistry Hashmi MCQs 2nd Year by M. Mohsin Ali Dynamo


--> MCQS- 2ND YEAR M.B.B.S. Anatomy by Unsa Athar

By Year

--> 2014 Prof
--> 2014 Send Up

Practical Guide By Subject


--> Histology Revision Slides 2015--by Abdul Wali Ahmed (revision slides with points of identification as well)
--> Histology Points of Identification--by Unsa Athar
--> Histology Revision Slides 2013--by Unsa Athar
--> Histology Revision Slides 2012--by Laiba Khalid
--> 2nd Year Histology Notebook--by Muhammad Bilal
--> Histology Diagrams on Cards--by Anosha Anwar
--> Unlabelled Slides for Prof by Muhammad Bilal

Spotting Guide by Region

Abdomen and Pelvis

--> Labelled Spots
--> Unlabelled Spots
--> Video on Spleen Dissection 
--> Video on Stomach Dissection (errata:  In the first part, the cardiac end was incorrectly called the pyloric end. Later on, the pyloric canal and antrum were interchanged.)
--> Video on Urinary Bladder Dissection
The videos have been uploaded in class group of batch 18 and will not be available to anyone who is not added in group.
--> Radiograph AP--by Sir Oneeb

Head and Neck

--> Labelled Models (Kemunited)
--> Labelled Models (Batch 18)
--> Larynx Spotting Video--by Kainat Zafar
--> Head and Neck Spotting Video--by Hadia Tahir
The videos have been uploaded in class group of batch 18 and will not be available to anyone who is not added in group.


--> Labelled Specimens by Anosha Anwar
--> Labelled Models by Maryum Shahid
--> Video 1: https://vimeo.com/136178189
--> Video 2: https://vimeo.com/136178188
--> Video 3: https://vimeo.com/136178117
--> Video 4: https://vimeo.com/136178116
--> Video 5: https://vimeo.com/136178115
--> Video 6: https://vimeo.com/136178114
--> Video 7: https://vimeo.com/136177920

These are neuroanatomy spotting videos. Courtesy: Unsa Athar and Syed Ahmad Raza
--> General models for gross spotting


--> Labelled by Maryum Shahid
--> Unlabelled

Viva Material

By Year

--> 2014:

--> 2013

--> 2012


--> Anatomy viva questions from Archives
--> Physiology viva questions from archives
--> Viva Questions Final Stage Neuroanatomy 2015



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