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4th Year: Pathology Past Papers Sendups Prof

4th Year: Pathology Past Papers Sendups Prof


Sendup 2008

Prof 2007

 Prof 2008

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Sendup 2011

KEMU Pathology Prof 2011

KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs

 KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs
KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs
KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs

KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs

KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs

 KEMU Sendup 2011 MCQs

1.Sendup MCQ 2012

2.Sendup MCQ 2012
3.Sendup MCQ 2012
4.Sendup MCQ 2012

5.Sendup MCQ 2012
6.Sendup MCQ 2012
7.Sendup MCQ 2012
8.Sendup MCQ 2012

Sendup 2012

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Patho PBQs from past papers. Probabale answer given in brackets

1. 2 yr boy since 4 days had temperature and today he had red spots and bleeding gums.exam reveals petechial skin rashes,generalized lymphadenopathy n mild spleenomegaly? cbc shows 20% blast cells  (AML)

2. 65 yr M, lyf long cigret smoker,presents wid pain in ryt leg.on exam leg z cold ,pale,femoral pulse z weak,distal pulses absent,3 yr H of angina n atrial fibrillation,5 yr H f intrmittent claudication? (co arctatiion of aorta?)
3. 50 yr M,obese, HTN+, hevy cgrette smokr past 20yrs, experience excruciating chest pain,breathless,cayanosd,persp
ires profusely,drops sudenly unconscious..? (MI)

4. 4 yr boy with anasarca,protienuria,hypoalbun abnormalty on lighy m/s?? (Mnimal change disease of kidney)

5. 55 yr M ,pain and redness in ryt biig toe? (gouty arthritis)

6. female ..5yr histry of morning stiffness,swelling of small joints gradually procesd to foot,ankle,wrist folod by deformities..xray shows narowing of joint space? ( RA)

7. swan neck deformity,radial deviation of wrist,swollen knees,reduced joint space,loss of articular cartilage? (RA)

8. OBESE, wid frequent urination

glucose= 225mg/dl

ketones= -ve

sp gravity= 1.025 (DM type 2)

9. 55 yr FM in emergncy wid masv ascities, H of malena, H of tooth extraction frm quak 8 yr bak..lfts derangd..ultrasonography shwd nodularity in liver??? (CLD with hep C or hep B)

10. 28 yr M wid 3 yr H of rectal bleeding.colonoscopy shws nodularity,erythema ,edema limited to ascending and transverse colon.biopsy frm desending n sigmoid colon shod mild patchy chronic inflammation and crypt distotion.biopsy frm rectumwas unremarkable? ( Ulcerative colitis or inflam bowel disease)
11. 35 yr M wid progressiv stupor and H of typ ! diabetes?
proteinuria,hematuria wid PROMINENT LOBULAR ACCENTUATION and SUBENDOTHELIAL ELECTRON DENSE DEPOSITS? membrano proliferative glomerulonephritis

12. 68 yr fm intrmittent constipation,wt loss,swollen abdomen,no blod wid bowel motion..3 yr bak she was found to hv 2 polyps of sigmoid colon,removd with histo of tubular or tubulovilos shows irregular sticture..tumor is dignosd ..tumor resectd and was found to hv invaded full thikness wall bt z completely exsizd..3of 15 lymph nodes containd metastatic tumor?(adenocarcinoma of colon...)
13. 50 yr wid famly histry of xeroderma pigmentosa presents wid mutiple ucerated leisions? (BCC)
14. epigastrium pain ,wakes him up at nyt,relievd by antacids nd food? (duodenal ulcer)
long H of dyspnea ,wheeze pptd by cold,stress, resp infection ,relievd by bronchodilatrs n steroids? (asthma)

15. drug abuser wid jaundice n derangd livr functions
cazativ agent? (hep C or Hep B)

16. 4 yr child from mediterranean regn,wid hepatospleenomegaly..crew cut app in xray, Hb=4.5mg/dl? (thalasemia)

17. HTN+ M,pain in chest,radiates to bak n mov lowr down?(aortic disection)

18. is dafa wala ductal tha ya lobar? and iron deficiency anemia? ( lobar carcinoma as indian file pattern is in lobar carcinoma)
19. 65 yr M, lyf long cigret smoker,presents wid pain in ryt leg.on exam leg z cold ,pale,femoral pulse z weak,distal pulses absent,3 yr H of angina n atrial fibrillation,5 yr H f intrmittent claudication?( coarctation of aorta without patent ductus arteriosis?)

20. 50 yr M frm KENYA numerous skin leisions,oral leisions,lymphadenopathy,..histology shows smal lvascular channels and slit lyk space scontaining rows of RBCs.chanels are lynd by pleomorphic endothelial cells containing round ,pink,cytoplasmic globules..many lymphocytes,macrophages n heamosidern pigment seen in bakground?(kaposi sarcoma?)
21. 20 year old female presents with H/0 leg pain and a mass at knee.X-ray knee joint reveals a lytic lesion at proximal tibia giving a soap bubble appearance.What is the likely diagnosis?Name other malignant tumours of the bone. (giant cell tumor)

22. 61 year old man had a dull ,constant back pain for 3 months .He recently developed a cough productive of yellowish sputum.On physical examination there are crackles at the right lung base.A pain film radiograph of the spine reveals several 1 to 2cm lytic lesions of the vertebral bodies.How will you proceed with this patient? ( multiple myeloma)

23. 62 yr FM wid H of UTIs presentd wid pain in ryt loin..on plain abdominal xray,there z opacity which distends pelvicalyceal sys?

wat name z givn to the structure filling her ryt pelvicalyceal sys?? ( may be stone)

24. .A 50 year old man has noted passing darker urine for the past week.On physical examination there are no abnormal findings.A unire analysis shows pH 5.5 specific gravity 1.013 no protein and no glucose.Atypical uroepithelial cells seen in cytology.Bladder shows no abnormality .He has a 60 pack year history of smoking cigarettes.what is the likely diagnosis? (uroepithelial tumor)


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