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Anatomy Mnemonics

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic For Harry Potter fans...
On On On They Travelled And Find Voldemort Guarding Very Ancient Horcruxes
Olfactory Sensory
Optic Sensory
Oculomotor Motor
Trochlear Moter
Trigeminal both
Abducens motor
Facial both
Vestibulocochlear sensory
Glossopharyngeal both
Vagas both
Accessory motor
Hypoglossal motor
You have I nose. You have II eyes. (I - Olfactory; II -- Optic)

Cranial nerves Sensory/motor/mixed
Sensory- 128
Mixed- 5790
Motor- rest are motor.
Note: here 0 represents 10.

The Boundaries of The Triangle Of Calot >> 3C's :
1. C-ystic Duct
2. C-ommon bile Duct
3. C-ystic Artery
Branches Of Facial Nerve
Two Zombies Beat My Cat:

From superior to inferior:
T-emporal branch
Z-ygomatic branch
B-uccal branch
M-andibular branch
C-ervical branch
Relationship of Thoracic duct to Esophagous and Azygous

>>> The duck is between two gooses <<<

duck = thoracic duct

2 gooses = azyGOUS and esophaGOUS ...
the Egyptian quote for External Caratoid Artery Branches :
>> some american lady found our pyramids so magnificent <<
From inferior to superior:

S-uperior thyroid artery-
A-scending pharyngeal artery-
L-ingual artery-
F-acial artery-
O-ccipital artery-
P-osterior auricular artery-
M-axillary artery
S-uperficial temporal artery
Portal hypertension: features 
Bleeding (haematemesis, piles)
Caput medusae
Diminished liver
Enlarged spleen
Diaphragm apertures: spinal levels
Aortic hiatus = 12 letters = T12
Oesophagus = 10 letters = T10
Vena cava = 8 letters = T8
Cubital fossa contents
· From medial to lateral:
Median nerve
Brachial artery
Biceps tendon
Radial nerve
Ureter and ovarian artery: Relation
The ureter (which carries water) is posterior to ovarian artery (testicular artery in males)
Turners Syndrome
>> CLOWNS <<

C = Cardiac Abnormality; COARCTATION
L = Lymphedema (due to poor lymphatics)
O = Ovaries not developed = amenorrhoea/sterility
W = Webbed Neck
N =Nipples widely spaced
Meckel's diverticulm: Features
Meckel's diverticulm follows the "Rule of 2".
2 inches long
2 feet from end of ileum
2 times more common in men
2% occurence in the general population
2 types of tissues may be present
>> Also di representing 2, diverticulm has its features in 2s <<

Medial malleolus: order of tendons, artery, nerve behind it

 Tom, Dick, And Nervous Harry":
· From anterior to posterior:


Full names for these are: Tibialis Posterior, Flexor Digitorum Longus, Posterior Tibial Artery, Posterior Tibial Nerve, Flexor Hallicus Longus.
The code is " AXILLA"

AXillary artery and vein
Infraclavicular part of brachial plexus
Lymphnodes ( five group of axillary lymph nodes )
Long thoracic and intercostobranchial nerves
Axillary fat and areolar tissue

Innervation of phrenic nerve

c3-4-5 keep the diaphragm alive

Innervation of serratus anterior

c5-6-7 raise your arms to heaven

Horner's syndrome: components


Sympathetic chain injury
Loss of ciliospinal reflex


For more mnemonics esp for Upper Limb , Lower Limb and Thorax , click here.

For Mnemonics of other medical subjects , search this wonderful mnemonic databse (search-feature supported) !
Take a moment to type away your own wonderful mnemonics for the assistance of all ! :)


  1. Good job Sadaf !!

  2. Cystic artery is present within the Calot's triangle.The third boundary should be Caudate lobe. The mnemonic still holds :)


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