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Getting jobs after AMC 1!!!!!

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Jobs after AMC step 1
Salam all,

Its been a long time when i posted last but here is something I've recently experienced while applying for a job in Australia for medical officer position.

As I've mentioned in my previous post on AMC, getting jobs here is becoming very tough day by day. 2-3 years back, hospitals used to send a person to receive you on airport and offer you air tickets and stay at the time of joining, and now, all these things are offered no more.

Still, people need job and these things don't matter as long as you get one. There is now a well developed online recruitment system for each state, and they start advertising from April - June each year for the coming year. This process keeps on going till October - November when they finalize the stuff. Most people who come to apply in this campaign usually have to exit and re-enter here for applying, so rather than 3 months of stay here for exam and getting job in that, its becoming highly unlikely. That, in turn means, lots of money to survive here is needed for the 6 months time, keeping in mind a minimum of 400-500$ per month for expenses. If you get lucky, you can get a job on 2nd day after getting here, if not, you might have to wait a little longer.

But people are getting jobs, and its best to apply as soon as possible as it is indeed getting difficult, but not impossible.

I am posting links to the government websites that you need to check regularly in order to get in the RMO campaign:

1. Queensland:
2. NSW:
3. WA:
4. NT:
5. VIC:
6. Australian Capital Territory:
7. SA:
8. Tasmania:
9. General:

I'll also encourage you to directly contact as much hospitals as you can. They are always in need of doctors.

And last, BE PATIENT!!!! Not a depression patient.....:)
This is a tough time consuming process to bear with and it requires lots of patience to get it done.

If there are any more queries, feel free to post.


Dr. AK Malik


  1. Dear Dr Malik, I have recently passed my AMC MCQ and also hold IELTS 7.5. I am currently working as a General Practitioner in Dubai for the last 4years. I have also done FCPS(internal medicine) and MRCP(UK) while working here. I need your expert advice as to what are my pospects of getting a job n UK. What post should I apply? Should I go for some Medical Post or even apply for GP posts in Australia? Kindly guide plz, thanx.

    Dr. Abdul

  2. dear malik bhai,
    thanks a lot for your kind favour to all, sir i am also looking for job, i have got a new hope after reading your post.
    thanks again.

  3. thanku for ur encouragement u r only one of few who encourage for this..stay blessed. u never get anything until u try for it...

  4. Iam a MBBS doctor who has 10 years of working experience in my hospital and in government in india.I got married to an australian citizen.I need to work in australia.Are there any coaching classes for AMC in india.

  5. there are no coaching centers in india but you can get help in the form of materials etc. i know a guy on facebook with email address he may be of help to you as he is helping out doctors for past many years


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