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Laiba Khalid’s Third Year Chronicles

Laiba Khalid’s

THIRD YEAR Chronicles 


  • ‘You’re in 3rd year already?! It seems almost yesterday you got admission in KE … ’

Sounds familiar? M sure all of you must have heard this cliché from your friends & family you meet once or twice a year or maybe after 2 years (for the reason that you’re a med student ! and you require no other excuse to miss social gatherings). Well thank you folks for making us realize how fast we’re aging, how soon this journey will end and within no time we’ll be outta this place, gone and forlorn as if we never existed.

  • But there are some boosting ones as well:

Proud uncles and aunts !

that make you go like…

  • The ‘enlightening’ ones

  • The annoying ones:

  • And the exceedingly annoying ones !


Well it actually feels as if ‘kal hi to admission hua tha’. The recollections of FSc, MCAT, first day, the orientation day, first step in DH and the first prof are all crystal-clear. The mere thought that the venture, which seemed dreadful in first year got pretty exciting in second year and has now become addictive, will terminate soon is heartbreaking as hell. But cheer up guys ! Some awesomeness is bound to leave KE every year according to the norm and let’s hope when we retire, we pass down some goodness too :)


For the majority, stepping into the wards, clad in overalls with a stethoscope hung around their necks, feeling like a real ‘daacter’and reaching out to the patients is like a dream come true. It’s something they have been looking forward to all their lives (for they are probably the first in their family to attain this status) but sadly for most of the wards 3rd year is nothing more than a punching bag.


You know you’re a senior when :
>Hearing your name with post-fixes like baji / api / bhai does not appear funny anymore
>You don’t smile on them juniors’ faces or find your friends teasing you when they address you that way
>You find it rather offending when a junior calls you otherwise
>You are no longer the kids of the university (meaning you should quit complaining)
And I think I should stop right here and save the rest for the next episode !

(Meanwhile do let us know how did you feel about your transition from pre-clinical to clinical years,from juniors to seniors, what are you expecting ahead and how well can you relate to this blog)


  1. Dying for next episode.

  2. aray wah.i lyk da baji n bhai wala part

  3. alaaaa laiba !! great going girl


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