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By Aimen Saeed (Ex-1st year)

They said speed of light Is 3×10^8 m/s
I asked how do we get to that speed of light........?? No answer
I asked what's the speed of DARKNESS that prevails.........?? No answer.
I asked why is it penetrating our hearts.....??   No answer
Why this silence? why this deafening silence?? We need to break this silence. Is this what we have to bear for the rest of our lives being Muslims, being Pakistani?? Just another sunny day. You send your child in uniform and he returns in coffin.?? Leaving mothers in deep thoughts that " kash aj meray bachay nai school na jaanay ka koi bahana kr lia hota"

No doubt: "The smallest coffins are the heaviest to bear"
In peace sons bury their fathers..... But in WAR fathers bury their sons.
No doubt this is an irremovable Blood-stain in the history of massacre..... No doubt a big loss for the nation No doubt that this has given birth to much fear in our minds and more in our parents minds....... But there's also No doubt that this won't let us down....... Because we won't let the fire of passion in hearts to smoke away.......... we won't let the inferno of education enlightening in our minds to extinguish away........ We won't let the blood of the martyrs run stale. We'll glow lamps out of it that will eat away the Darkness that prevails......... We'll prove to the barbarians that their bullets can't injure our chests..... that they'll run out of ammunition but they won't be able to kill our spirits.

    We won't surrender in front of the wreck-ball of the extremists. Because we are a wall of concrete. Because we are united, and we are in this grief together and we'll let our country out of this crisis together. We, being the youth of this nation can't sit idle. This is the time to act people!! . This is the time to act. How much longer will we remain silent?? How much more will we not see our mistakes?? How much more will we waste our times in useless political arguments on social media?? Just for winning debates, proving your point either logically or illogically!!
The Holy Quran says: "" Allah us waqt tak us Qaum ki halat nahi badalta jb tak khud us Qaum ko apni halat k badalnay ka ehsaas na ho""
In this state of crisis we need to forget our differences and stand together hand in hand on a single platform as a symbol of strength, peace and unity. Yes we are in a state of war. A War against terrorism, a war against brutality, war against DARKNESS...... We are Pakistani and above all we are Muslims. ""HUM ZINDA QOM HAIN"" we won't succumb to this SIN we'll fight and we'll stand united, for the sake of who were martyred on the DARK DAY, for the sake of those mothers who lost the apple of their eyes, for the sake of those enlightened faces that were stained with blood, for the sake of the fact that when you send your child to school in uniform and he returns home in coffin, for the sake of that runs in our veins that is all for the sake of peace and ISLAM.

  We can't even imagine what our country fellows, who lost their loved ones, will be feeling. No doubt nothing can overcome this unbearable, unrepairable loss.
But we won't let their blood go to waste. we'll grow a field of Greenery out of it that will cherish our
country and our principles. And the shadow and the warmth of which will overpower the darkness. Because at the end of every tunnel there's light. Keep praying Stay blessed and stay safe. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.


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