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Through a stranger's eyes!

Ahmad Jalil 
(1st year)

Sometimes in life you come across some moments which mean a lot to you but they seem meaningless to the others. They leave an everlasting impression on your mind. I'm very fortunate to have quite some moments of my own. Then there are those days that create a 'deja vu' like feeling, when you get to relive some of your best memories and this experience takes you back to the first time you ever felt like that. I recently had the pleasure of going through something like that and the way things are, I think it's going to stay with me for quite a while. Actually it all started about a couple of years ago when I first boarded the GC University bus.

They say you can actually feel if your day's going to be good or bad, the moment you wake up in the morning. If it's a good one, you will find humor and bliss even in the taste of your burnt toast. It was one of those fine mornings, when even the death of your pet cat can't bring you down from your cloud nine. After all, it was the day I was going to sit in the ''sacred'' seats of the great GC University bus.

I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Remember when I said that some things hold value to you than they do to other people? I mean for most of us, becoming a Ravian was enough to feel contented but for me, sitting in its bus was even holier than entering the university itself. It was something I had only dreamed of. So there I was, boarding that bus that was going to take us to our royal GCU.

After about 10 or 15 minutes, I noticed something spectacular. You know that outstanding feeling you get when you are passing through a crowd and you are well aware of the impression that you are creating especially after achieving something positively noteworthy? It was just like that. For whenever our bus stopped at the signals or slowed down in the rushy areas, I saw people, all strangers, looking towards us with awe and admiration clearly visible in their eyes. At that moment I really felt the pride that comes when you have a maroon tie on with GCU label on it, when you are in a position that others envy and when you have something that people dream of. In the eyes of those intrigued and impressed strangers, we were the definition of perfection. The way they craned their necks just to have a glimpse of our bus, of us, was really overwhelming. And that was surely one of the best days of my life.

Now, as I'm writing this, I can't even begin to tell how lucky I am feeling, for I got a chance to see myself through some intrigued eyes again as I sat in the KEMU bus and this time, the pride that I felt was even more deep. And the more I looked at myself through those strangers' eyes, the more I fell in love with the image they contained. And the sense of accomplishment that I felt was inexplicable. And at that moment I realized that becoming a ''KemRavian'' from a ''Ravian'' was really worth the efforts and the sacrifices I made in pre-med class.

Now, everyday when I travel to KEMU in its oh-so-grand bus, I not only get a chance to revisit the memories that I had made in GCU bus, but also, I make some new ones, equally filled with a sense of joy and satisfaction, that I will cherish for the rest of my life. And to know it's just the beginning...


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