by Fawad Talat
1st year M.B.B.S

“Don’t miss the labs! Otherwise be prepared for a repeater session!” It is a common advice given to the first year students by their seniors. The best part of these labs is that they provide free time in the monotonous routine of lectures. (In case you attend all the lectures :D)

Now, here are my observations about these labs as a first year student.

Histology Lab

The first five to ten minutes of this lab are a bit tensed. Questions are asked during this period. The best way to avoid the questions is to sit on a small stool and avoid eye contact with teacher. The more successful but difficult method is to hide in a small space under the shelf.
In the preliminary part of session, Histo lab seems to be fun. You have to draw merely a few cells and get it checked by the teacher. However as the time progresses, Histology lab proves the fact that it lies within the premises of Anatomy department. The diagrams become difficult and scary. But it still remains fun for those interested in arts. A person often feels that he has got admission in N.C.A(National college of arts) instead of K.E.M.U(I need not to tell the full form:D)

Biochemistry lab

According to my perspective biochemistry lab is the most onerous. Fans are turned off in this lab even during scorching heat of summer. The probable logic behind this brutal act remains a secret.  No one has ever asked a question about it. Although we are quite aware of the fact that power to question is the basis of all human progress. After performing the experiments, test tubes are presented to His Royal Highness The Attendant of Biochemistry lab. He considers it essential to BISTIFY students before marking the attendance (the ultimate reason for which the students come to university) However, the notebook of biochemistry is not that difficult to make.

Physiology lab

In physio lab, teacher comes and gives a demonstration about the experiment. He most often leaves after giving the demonstration. Now you are free to talk with your friends. Some people prefer completing their notebooks.  The lab attendants will tell you a simple method or in other words DESI METHOD to perform the experiment. One of the two physio labs is in very good condition. Thus overall physio lab is not that taxing.


  1. U forgot to mention how long u have to wait for attndence (only reason for coming) in physio lab


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