Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Lets hear this one from Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS '15) himself :D

"Our very own Numra Urooj has won the BEST ENGLISH SPEAKER award at Nukta '15 Declamation Championship at PIEAS Islamabad. 
This is a huge achievement as it is the largest federal debating competition with more than 70 teams participating. Numra was first by a huge margin in both initial and final rounds and her speech was praised by all those who were present. Well done Numra; Deserved it big time. All the hard work that you put in paid off big time. And Already turning a pro and consecutively making it to the top. One word: MashAllah.

Her team partner 
Hafsa Ishfaq, a promising young talented speaker, impressed everyone with her quality humor and an entertaining speech but missed the qualification by a very narrow margin. Hard luck Hafsa; you have already proven yourself to be the future of Urdu humor at KEDS, iA next time you will bag the trophy.

Hamza Shahab deserves special applause for being the chaperon of the KEMU team and really making this trip possible in the first place and fulfilling all his responsibilities to the fullest. Thanks man. You are the best.

Fatima Ahmed for all the help in writing Hafsa's Speech and the valuable advice on mastering the art of expressions. And of course for giving us the very 'authentic news' of the victory way before it was announced.
And last but not at all the least 
Syed Ahmad Raza for his dedication and crucial advice to the team and fine tuning their speeches on a day before his ENT prof. 

And most importantly Shukar Alhumdullilah for all the success that has come this year and is yet to come iA."


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