You Are Not Alone !

Here's a series of articles in which medical students and experts share how they cope with the challenges of Medical Training.First get yourself a free account here . as the articles are available to members only.

Follow this advice to not only conquer medical school but also make it a rewarding experience.

 Do not compete with your classmates or compare your grades with others. We all had to be competitive to get into medical school. But once you are accepted, it becomes a level playing field.Getting a 95% on your pathology exam does not mean you will be a great pathologist or clinician...
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10 Unwritten Rules About Surviving the Third Year  

Here's some advice on moving seamlessly from the classroom into your clinical rotations.And prevent THIS from happening...

 You will be tired after rotations and you won't feel like studying at the end of the day. Many third-year students will tell you it is vacation time. Should you believe them? No!

How Can I Remember All That I've Learned in Preclinical Classes? 

 Recalling and using the mountain of knowledge from the preclinical years is a challenge faced by all physicians in training but there are some methods for effectively doing so...

Although it may be difficult to find time to review old material during clerkships, clinical practice provides an important tool for learning: the patient !
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It may seem like there aren't enough hours in the day to study and sleep, but you can make bedtime a priority with these tips.

Sure, you can be the all-star in rotations and studying and still have a social life, but if you're sleeping 1 hour a night you will fall asleep in lectures, overdose on coffee, and feel cranky all day long. Making sleep a priority is vital to performing well in life...



  1. Neato stuff sadaf! Interesting! medscape's 'differential blog' by students is worth a read too... some interesting posts are there..

  2. Thanks for the comment Captain! Please send me the links of those articles from Differential Blog...:)


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