BAKE SALE '14 - Relived.


Think food. Every kind of food you can conceive of and multiply it by 10. Think Haroon bhai and Ruhma baji ki constant streams of "bachon kuch chahiye to nahi?" Think scorching heat and thanda limoo pani. Think aromas and colours and spices and flavours. Think fun and charity snowballed into one. Simply put, think bake sale '14.
on finding out a bake sale was going to happen...
...followed immediately by 
                            SPWS is a society well known for its glamorous, mega-charity events. Currently headed by the charismatic Usama bhai and Mushafia baji, SPWS brings one event after another throughout the year not only forming an integral part of the K.E. social scene, but serving the much deeper purpose of helping humanity. Keeping in line with their motto "Service to man is Service to God" they have consistently, year after year, helped in the upkeep of our hospitals Mayo, Lady Wellington and Lady Aitchison subtly and silently, catering to the masses of afflicted humanity that flock in millions to these institutions, seeking aid and relief. This year's bake sale too kicked off with the noble aim of providing funds for oxygen piping in oncology ward, upgradation of medical ICU in Lady Aitchison, Imaging of operations by LED's for student learning and provision of sign boards to guide patients and visitors.

              It is a universally known fact that every kemcolian loves his charity with a bang. And so it was decreed that all years and disciplines shall clash high and mighty, trying to outdo each other in goodness by stuffing innocent helpless passerby with helpings upon helpings of delicious sustenance, while simultaneously eyeing THE GREAT SHINY GOLDEN SHIELD. (which is not so great or golden anymore now that every year's getting one. juzsayin') The rest as they say, is history.

DAY 1- THIRD YEAR: The coolest year with the most relaxed management exuded calm confidence, setting up at their leisure while the customers lined up beforehand. They underestimated the tarsolaness of kemcolians for good quality food after the incessant cafe ke samosay though and sold out within half an hour and had to call in supplies from the omnipresent gourmet. Their mantra was keep calm and raise a hundred thousand and so they did, bringing in a cool 122,860 PKR and setting the lucky hundred thousand streak for all the others to follow. Comments on their food items are currently unavailable since it all disappeared faster than you can say "feed me seymour" D: Investigations revealed that while the kemcolians were in a state much like this:

Mayo and the departments were having a meals-on-wheels moment like this:

 No fair. D:

third year in action.

DAY 2- AHS: Honestly the nicest people to sell food throughout the bake sale, AHS could give firstulas a run for enthusiasm since they set up at 8:30 a.m. at which time no humans are about. (even the anatomy lawn pigeons don't have breakfast until nine, true story) They had a fair variety of food and tried to keep it down to earth. Whenever somebody hinted (read: stared daggers) that the food were overpriced, they quickly supplimented servings with more servings. Many a person walked away with multiple glasses of milkshakes (including yours truly) and other goodies this way. They also had a photo booth for which no one paid but everyone did go sure i'll buy food but first #SELFIE. And yet despite their niceness and lack of inflation, they raised 100,000 PKR exact. Such perfection, much wows, many appreciations. ^^

AHS in action.

after having a taste of them AHS goodies
what almost happened to the nice AHS people

DAY 3- FIRST YEAR: This part of the blog shall take a while. :D In my very biased opinion, the sastiest bake sale with the most variety, the firstulas displayed their characteristic newbie enthusiasm and out did everyone's expectations by raising a staggering 137,660 PKR. Out of the box food items like cake cones, brownie sundaes and Gul's delight were much appreciated (and annihilated) by all and sundry. The key to our success however was our newbie humility (read: low prices) that led more than a few seniors to say "yaar, mehanga to baicho!" We had our share of entertaining folks as well, like the bhai who scolded us for not wearing gloves, saying "main to nai leta anatomy ke germs wali sundaes" and yet coming back for six more, grudgingly admitting that they were good and also, the guy who wanted his haleem poured on his biryani. More than a  few seniors gave ginormous donations on the demand that we "customize" their food with more wafers, more sprinkles, whichever. Then again, we saved more and more by making puppy faces and saying "baji/bhai, change nai hai". Our seniors are the best and we basically liquefied our masoomyat to monetary advantage. (hoohaha.)


basically what happened on our bake sale.
and again.
DAY 4- SECOND YEAR: Second years had designer food that was so expensive that people were seen clutching their burgers and crooning "my precious" xD Pointed jokes aside, last year's champs pulled out all stops this year too with desserts upon desserts upon desserts get the idea.
how second year was making desserts 
what everyone else's reaction was like
They even came up with creative offers like the 3-minute-all-you-can-drink-lassi (which was quickly nullified since a guy drank 10 glasses in three minutes. Sir, ap ki himaat aur GIT, dono ko salaam) and almost caused a foodie apocalypse, generating 118,160 PKR in funds. They were in fact so much in demand that the anatomy department placed orders like this:

Second year FTW.

DAY 5- FINAL YEAR: First off, these guys deserve a medal just for participating, because after 5 years of bake sales it's pretty hard to get people to empty their pockets, let alone make food and bring it. Yet this final year showed us all and came up with not only food but also managed to recruit a guy. YES, A GUY. THE LONE RANGER. The only guy from final year amidst girls girls and more girls. And since final year are the kings of campus, they pretty much just had to look at us to get us to buy food. One guy replied to a bhai that he wasnt hungry and yet five minutes later he was seen buying burgers and pastas from a baji who'd successfully cornered him. Seriously though, final year raised a whopping 54880 PKR. Some juniors react to the amount like whaa-?! but as the seniors rightly say, oh you sweet summer children. What do you know of ward tests and written tests and oral tests and surprise tests and every other imaginable kind of tests? The biggest kudos to them for keeping up the faith and setting an example for all of us to follow.

Final year ^^

That senior swag \m/

DAY 6- FOURTH YEAR: The only year to have fanfare (read: music) along with fancy schmancy names for their food, like rocket kulfi and the much inquired about kemu paani (the drink known as limoo pani on the previous five days of bake sale :p) fourth year had food that was both reasonably priced (as reasonable as seniors get :D) and tantalizing to the taste buds. The outstanding part was that hardly anything was store bought yet the home-made food was so good that paradoxically, it didn't even look home-made. The burger walay bhai flipped burgers like jamie oliver while Gul baji made glass after glass of cool lassi (honestly the best one throughout the bake sale) and the closing went as smoothly as anything. Fourth year made the final offering of 75,630 PKR to the charity fund and everyone ate as much as they could to store up on some adipose tissue for the dark dreary (cafeteria food) days ahead.

Aaand last but hardly the least, fourth year. (Y)

when people realized bake sale was ending..

....and again. 


And so, bake sale '14 ended very, very successfully, raising a total amount of 609,160 PKR. The detailed report is:

Thank you Note:-
Without the following people, bake sale '14 would not have been possible. First of all, Usama bhai and Mushafia baji for running the coolest society and running it well. Haroon bhai and Ruhma baji who have seen this through from start to end, continuously at hand and forever ready to help. Zain Sattar for PR. Ahmed bani Sadar, Awais Raza, Sheharyar Khan and Muhammad Usama for photography. Muhammad Umair for all the errands he ran such as getting all the disposables on time everyday. Usman Sheikh and Salman Javed for collection and fund deposit. You guys, are amazing. 'Nuff said.


hey, we got the cream. :3


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