Crush At KEMU

Stuck in the murkiness of heavy medical books, fatigued by back breaking, mind shackling lectures, and toppled upside down and inside out by the arduous practicals…… how can you “supposedly” fall in for A thing called  CRUSH…..

*too normal for KEMU... right??*

Well there is a precise and logical answer to this:
“Crushes are meant to be crushed”
Yup you got me …..
This is not the crush I am talking about, which is considered to be normal to be talked about in a typical humanly scenario you are considering that I would be talking about but actually this talk that I am talking about is the talk that we don’t talk about in KEMU…..
Too much talking eehh?

So yeah here I’m not scrutinizing the run-of-the-mill “lovey-dovey crush” but actually taking the word “crush” with its literal meaning……

And the foremost thing that every medical student would love to crush are the "laal gulaabi diagrams....."
Oh yeah.... the pink-purple histology.....

{Purple was a good colour I thought....
 Histology would not let it down I thought................ pphhfff...}

So yeah....Who would not wanna crush the mind wobbling and exhausting “histology practicals”??

These histo practicals are so much blood sucking that after you have attended one, the fatigue that overwhelms your mind fails you to even recognize yourself.

 And the terror of the “interrogation” by the professor during the practical is indescribable.
Didn't study.......... face the beast.....

And Even if you study thousand times, histo seems like to just fly over your head.

And when you fail to answer the questions then you are marked ABSENT.... imagine the horror.... bearing all the hardships of histology and still not being marked present.....

Now now... there are not only hardships here in histolgy, there are also other scenarios to be seen..... it depends on you whether you cry over the histo-ruined day or enjoy the day despite the pinkiness of histo taking over; some students continue to the "rattafication" even during the practical moving in simple harmonic motion like a pendulum others, the normal ones, have their own way of chilling out the histology after effects......
Resting in the lab.....
*like a boss*

 Being late is in genes in some of us students,,, cant help it. The chronicity never goes away. Once a late comer always a late comer. here an important tip comes handy: 
A "rock-on"  perk of having "numerous" class fellows is that you can sneak into practicals even after you are late.....
The interrogation phase respectfully held by the professor is the biggest trouble ever, although the "Izat-afzayi" doesn't matter but being marked absent is similar to myocardial infarction especially for students who come to attend the practicals once in a blue moon:
Here's a secret.... you can even hide under shelves during question answer session and come out during attendance.... works every time.....
*hides like a boss*

Other stunts in histology lab includes listening to music (even singing yourself, if you are a good singer). Gossips..... hell yeah.....And yes...Taking selfies in histolgy is a must....

Girls even might wanna give these a try:
Lols ... right?
And guess what? with all the histo-tension aside, you might even find histology easy:

And with all the fun you might even find this in your histo slide:

*I so wish*

So yeah,,,,, Histology-crush....... definitely worth crushing... !!


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