Surgery Study Guide | High Yield Topics

By Abeera Akram

General surgery: Ch 1: question may come. Ch 2:read. Ch 3: very imp. ch 4: do it. Ch 5: osce +viva. Ch 6: read. Ch 7: v.imp. Ch 8: NAHI krna. Ch 9: v.imp. cmbine sir cheema's notes with it. Ch 10: v.imp Ch 11: NAHI krna. Ch 12: imp Ch 13: imp. (Plastic surgry ka topic) Ch 14: v.imp. cmbine with washngton manual aur davdson's fluid electrolyte waala ch. Ch 15: imp Ch 16: do it fron bailay first and then revise frm here. Ch 17:krna h. Ch 18: do frm bbbbailay frst and then revise frm here. Ch 19: krnaaaa h. Ch 20: read. Ch 21: imp.(plastc surgry). Do only lipoma, premalignant skin lesions, malignant epidrmal lesions, sq cell carcnma, malignant melanoma. Ch 22: imp. Ch 23: only def of all. ch 24: only names of all. Ch 25: make list of all factrs. Ch 26: v imp. Do only infection, SIRS, Clasifction of surgcal wound, princples of antimicrobial therapy, abcess, cold abces, colar stud abcess, psoas abces, brodies abces, celulitis, boil carbuncle, ingrowing toe nail, hyperbarc oxygen mcqs, madura foot, dog bite.Ch 27: imp. Cmbibe it with pg 143-5 of washngton manua. Ch 28, 29: read. ch 30: do it.
varicose bh.
fracture trauma burns..washington se dekh lena
Yeh sir sadaqt ne degrees of burns krayi huen

Systemic surgery: 

general principles of ortho, types of frcture, AO class, salter harris class, complicatns of frctr Q, prncples of frctr management Q, frctrs of clavicle, supracondylr frctr of humerus, colle's frctr, frctr of proximal femur, intra cap frctr, tibial shaft frctr, acetabular frctr, develpmntl dysplasia of hip Q, cong club foot Q, bone tumors, bone nd joint infectns, tennis elbow, prncples of treatmnt of all sorts of sport injury, peripheral nerve injuries types, upr brachial plexus paralysis, axillary nerv, radial nerv, median nerve, ulnar nerve, clinical features, sciatic nerve, degenerative bone diseases, rotator cuff injuries.

upper GIT :do bailey for this section as much as possible :D eophagus, GERD, hiatal hernia, esophageal diverticula, achalasia imp, mallory weis, boerhaav, corrosive injury imp, ca eso imp, stomach nd duodenum anatmy v imp, gasritis, PUD, surgery for duodenal ulcer, surgery for gastric ulcer, complications of peptic ulcer Q, gastric ca imp, liver, assessmnt of liver function, liver tumors, liver tumors class, HCC, metastatic neoplasia of liver Q, simple liver cyst classify SOL of liver, pyogenic liver abscess Q, amebic liver abscess Q, hydatid disease Q, liver trauma Q, portal htn Q, spleen, splenectomy Q, pre op prep Q, complications of splenectomy Q,

LOWER GIT:  do max frm bailay :/
SMALL AND LARGE INTES: typhoid perf, intes Tb, hirschprungs disease, ulcer colitis, crohns dis, shrt bowel synd, meckels diver, colonic diverticula, rectal prolapse, proctitis, tumrs of samll and larg intes read, HNPCC imp, ileostomy and colostomy.. inkay dif ka ques. INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTIOM v. Imp ch. Completr. APPENDIX: Surg anatmy, clin prwsntatuon, dif diag of acte apendcts imp, apemdectomy, iski compl la question. ANAL CANAL: Pilonida sinus Ques, anal fisure, pruritis ani, hemorhides imp, anorectl abces imp, FIA ques, 184 pg nhe krna. HERNIAS : Complete. Imp. Femoral her ques, infantile umblical hern frm paeds surgcal, PUH ques, epigstrc her, pg 201 pe names, special frms, omphalatis NAHI krna, persistemt vitelo inted duct, neopladm of umblcus, burst abd ques, desmoids tunor, omphalocels frm peds surgry.

To be done frome bailey Stomch antmy Rectum antmy Rectal carcinoma excpt treatmnt strangulatn
peritonitis abcess abd trauma bailey se

bailey s ejo chezein extra add ki then esophgus mei
principlea of treatmnt of perforation resucitate(fluids, nutrition, analgesia) drainage of leakage diversion of food contents reliefe of distal obstruxtion if any restoration of git integrity

hepatobiliary system
 investigations of biliary tree Q, extra hep biliary atresia imp, choledochal cyst read, cholelithiasis v imp Q, acute calculous cholecystitis Q, cholecystectomy, ch cholecystitis, empyema of gall bladder, mucocele of GB, choledocholithiasis, cholangitis Q, bile duct stricture causes, gall stone ileus, cholangiocarcinoma, ca of GB, causes of post op jaundice Q, iatrogenic bile duct injuries, pancreas, pancreatic functn test Q, acute pancreatitis v imp, pseudopancreatic cyst Q, ch pancreatitis Q, neoplasm of exocrine pancreas, acute abd, causes of acute abd Q, peritonitis Q, intraperitoneal abscess, pseudomyxoma peritonei Q, retroperitoneal anatomical zones in relation to retroperitoneal hematoma Q.
Compression of CBD by stone from cystic duct. 4 types hti hn Type 1 cmpression without cbd narrowing Type 2 cmpression with cbd narrowing Type 3 cmpression causing ischemic necrosia of cbd wall Type 4 cholecysto-choledochal fistula mirizi synd ki stages hein which is cholecysto choledochal fistula.

KIDNEY AND URETER: Adult pilolycystc diseaee, VUR, renal trauma ques, ureteric inj ques, hydronphrosis ques, renal stnes ques, bs is se agay mark nhe kya hua :p
Urology: do from here unless written to see bailey. Only tick marks. adult polycystic kidney disease, vesicoureteric reflux, renal trauma q, ureteric injuries q, hydronephrosis q, renal stones q, summary on pg 222, pyelonephritis, renal carbuncle, perinephric abscess, renal tumors, wilm's tumor q, renal cell carcinoma q, urinary retention q, benign prostatic hyperplasia q, carcinoma prostate q, urethral stricture q, cryptorchidism q. Torsion of testis q, varicocele q, hydrocele q, testicular tumor q, causes and evaluation of hematuria q.

Endocrine surgery: 
do bailey as possible. thyroid gland. Investigations, thyroglossal duct cyst, goitre q. Simple goitre q, hyperthyroidism q, hypothyroidism q, myxoedema q, pendred syndrome q, discrete thyroid nodule q, retrosternal goitre q, thyroiditis q, tumors of thyroid q, post op complications q, parathyroid gland, hyperparathyroidism q. Adrenal gland cushing sydrome, primary hyperaldosteronism con syndrome, adrenal crisis, adrenocortical carcinoma, adrenal incidentoloma, pheochromocytoma. Insulinoma, multiple endocrine neoplastic syndrome.

Thorax and cardiac surgery: do from here
Bronchogenic carcinoma, aortic dissection, spontaneous pneumothorax, tube thoracostomy q, coronary artery disease q, valvular heart diseases cross.

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