Anarkali to Shahdara Part-2

                                   ANARKALI TO SHAHDARA PART 2( by MAHAM WAQAR 3rd YEAR)

Hello peeps. I am back with Anarkali to Shahdara part 2 . I will start off where we left.
After the horrible earthquake of 26th October 2015, we literally thought that the building that already had cracks in it would never be able to escape such an earthquake. But we were shocked to know that it miraculously survived.
How ? No one knew... but yes it did not apparently collapse. Though later we came to know that some new cracks had appeared in it making it even more dangerous to live in.
This was its condition....
However there was prof approaching slowly and gradually with all its horror .After we got the intimation that the block had now been repaired and had been opened ,we headed towards the hostel with the heavy burden of prof on our poor innocent souls.
We were in the bus busy revising courses of arteries and development of heart when suddenly I opened my whats app and was stunned to see 268 messages in the class whats app group.
Bus main bethne se pehle hi aise lag raha tha k "jaise daryaon main tughyani ho ,hawaon ka rukh kuch badla sa ho aur jaise wo cheekh cheekh ker keh rahi hon k maham hostel mut jao ,prof phir delay ho jana hai."
But no, I was so desperate to give prof that I  did not listen to all that was going on in my heart and mind.
Lets come to what happened in hostel.
Well some 3rd year girls had gone to the worthy V.C to tell him the current situation of the hostel.When we reached the hostel, the new deeper cracks that appeared were enough to give the hostel a haunted look. A great stirr was created among the hostellites. It was a very uncertain situation.
Later that night we were given orders from the chief warden to vacate our rooms and shift in common rooms ,dining halls and rooms of seniors if they allow because that building was not safe to live.
"Allah mian kia ho raha hai ye.???? Hum beghar ho gai. Sar per prof ho aur yun shift hona pare tu kia  haal hota hai every prof victim can understand. 

now if I start describing every tiny detail of what we went through the blog would never end so in short
"we were heads over heals on the horns of dilemma "
Me and my roommates got split into three groups ,each got shifted in seniors rooms in other blocks. Not rooms actually just a left out corner of the room to be precise.
But people in the common room and dining halls were in an even more terrible situation. 30 people in one common room with most of your stuff in the previous room, at a time when you  can hardly waste a minute. Yes that was one tough time. Tougher than anyone can think.Some  among us wept , and the others consoled . Being together in that time with friends made the situation bearable but  none of us could  focus on our studies in a situation when we did not know what was going to be our future.
THAT time required unity.. a lot of unity and strength.   The next day we were told that an alternative building was being arranged for us but prof would not be delayed in any case.
We had already wasted two days during shifting , weeping and worrying and just five days left for prof. Stress ,tension ,restlessness .....however ,Third year went to V.C again and got their prof delayed. This created a a wave of urest among the sophomores and at the same time created a ray of hope....Two to three people stood to represent the class in the absence of the class representatives.A meeting was arranged in common room at night to discuss the issue . Everybody agreed to shift to a new alternative building on the condition that prof would be delayed. The next day almost all the hostellites went to the V.C office to get the prof delayed and get the date of shifting confirm .
After two hours of what we call a dharna, Prof got delayed for a week.
Meanwhile boys who were not aware of the whole issue got the news of the delay
A hotel was temporarily arranged for us till that building was declared safe by the government's inspection team.
We packed our bags and all the necessary stuff, labelled them .Transport was arranged by the university.
Oh what a scene it was!!!!!! .
Girls screaming at the  uncles to lift their bags ,mattresses ,racks and carry them to the trucks.

We finally reached Shahdara, where a floor of 40 rooms was arranged for us
The rooms were good with attached washrooms.Food was served in the dining hall so we escaped the torturous process of standing in queues to get a chapatti. Some people considered the shifting process a blessing in disguise.

And then finally after all that had happened the prof. Started...
First exam : anatomy. We, who were habitual of getting ready five minutes before the exam had to wake up at 6  because this was Shadhara not Anarkali. We had to leave in the buses to the university at 7.
Days passed by. One exam after the other. Prof got ended. Vacations followed. After the vacations, the same hotel that appeared as a blessing to us during prof. lost its charm. Long distance travelling on daily basis from university to hostel fatigued most of us.When evening wards began this distance created even more problems.
People started shifting back to the old girls hostel. The building had been repaired though still it was not officially declared safe . So here we are, back to Anarkali spending our nights and days in our very own KEMU old girls hostel...This was our journey from Anarkali to Shadhara and then back to anarkali.It was filled with suspense,unexpected happenings and some unpleasant experiences but the best thing about it is;  today when we think about it, we laugh at what we went through in the whole process. Now I need to go to the mess or the food will end and I will have to live on noodles again. Bye for now....


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