P-R-O-F : To Prof or Not to Prof?

Ayesha Mushtaq

Class of 2019

Summer vacation already? Bam!
The time of the year when those bubbles pop.
Reality dawns.
Hope starts fading away.
Anxiety sets in.

For an average Kemcolian (or any medical student for the matter), the summer vacation is as much dreaded as it is awaited, for it heralds the arrival of the infamous season of professional examinations.
But hey! It is too soon to be talking of prof, right? WRONG!

When friends start asking “parhna start kar dia?” barely three days into the summer vacation, you instantaneously know that the better six months of your life have made way for the darker six ones.
It is then that you realize with a jolt, that the era of societies, events, trips and functions is over (or nearly over).

the feels!
Only then do you wake up to the prospect of having to spend the next five to six months in solitary confinement, with nothing but your Guyton and Firdaus, BD and KLM, Snell and Laiq, Harper and Lippincott as your best friends.

That smile is deceptive, trust me.
And it is in this very period, that you begin to view your life and your entire world in black and white. The black of those alien words in your books, and the white of your mind, empty and clear as you don’t know a word. All colour is of course drained by this monster which goes by the name of prof.

Prof does also have its extreme effects on people’s social behavior. It is that time of the year when you see Facebook accounts being deactivated, cell phones switched off. Even the most social and out-going of people metamorphose into a complete recluse. Those persons who were previously just a simple text or phone call away, seem to disappear from the face of Earth altogether. Your friends seem to forgotten you or better still (or worse?) as if they did not know you in the first place. But trust me, they would certainly not have the same kind of difficulty in trying to recall even the most trivial of details from BD Churasia.

So brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, for the time of the year is here when we are all going to be hit by nostalgia. The time when life becomes all about looking back at the photos of the good old times, cherishing the memories made in the bygone six months.

All hail the season of weight gains, acne-laden faces, unkempt hair, unshaven faces, caffeine addictions and so on. :D

Note to first year:

Prof is not at all as depressing as the picture painted above, as you will soon find out. Good Luck for this bumpy ride ;)


  1. Awesome..��
    And also makes me feel i seriously need to study!!

  2. Awesome..��
    And also makes me feel i seriously need to study!!


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