How to Apply for House Job in Mayo Hospital in 2020

By Dr. Hafeez Ur Rehman (Batch 2014-19)

Important notes:
  •          Steps 1-9 & 12-13 should be completed before 27th of April (the day of interview)
  •          Last date for Step 15 is 20th of April and this step may be done online. In this case required documents can be submitted on the day of interview.
  •          These steps are for kemcolians only only. Non-kemcolians should buy house job form from KEMU University Canteen and then follow Step 15.

House job gives you hands-on experience as a doctor. But the application procedure may confuse you owing to the loads of clearances and certifications.

Here's a step-wise approach you can use to get things done smoothly:

Step-wise Approach to Applying for House job

1. Receive original DMC of final year from exam branch.

2. Go to cafe and get
  •      Clearance form (a set of 3 copies)
  •      PMDC form
  •      House job form
  •      Photocopies of required documents

The documents required for the whole process are
  •      5 CNIC copies (4 attested, 1 unattested)
  •      5 copies of Matric certificate (4 attested, 1 unattested)
  •      5 copies of FSc certificate (4 attested, 1 unattested)
  •      5 copies of All DMCs (4 attested, 1 unattested)
  •      2 copies of Domicile (attested)
  •      10 Photographs (passport size, 3 must be with white background and must not be attested. All the other should be attested)
3. Prepare 3 applications addressed to VC/Registrar (either handwritten or typed & printed from KEMCAANA)
  •      Application for provisional certificate
  •      Application for attempt certificate
  •      Application for return of original documents
  Application for Provisional Certificate

Application for Attempt Certificate


       Application for the Return of Original Documents


4. Get your Clearance form signed from
  •         Nasir sb (upstairs MS office)
  •          Director physical education (coffee shop, patiala ground)
  •          Library
  •          Cashier (New room 1), (Also see step 5)
  •          LWH (kitchen of unit 3, beside Dr. Amna's office, Mr. Aftab 0321 4359183)
  •          Hostel

5. Get 3 challan forms from room 1 and submit the dues in BOP bank square branch
  •          Rs. 200 for provisional certificate
  •          Rs. 200 for attempt certificate
  •          Rs. 1000 for attestation of documents

6. Submit the application for provisional certificate in old room 1 with attested copies of following documents
  •          CNIC
  •          Matric certificate
  •          Fsc certificate
  •          Domicile
  •          All DMCs
  •          Original fee challan of Rs. 200 (see step 5)
  •          1 original clearance form
  •          2 passport size photographs (blue background is also allowed for this application)
There's no need to attach original DMC of final prof with this application

7. After 2-3 days, receive your Provisional certificate and PMDC student registration form (green card) from room 2

8. Get 4-5 copies of Provisional certificate and the green card and return the green card to room 2

9. Fill out your PMDC form and get it attested by Mr. Rashid (Asst. Registrar, Room 2) along with copies of following (unattested) documents
  •          3 photographs (with white background)
  •          CNIC
  •          All DMCs
  •          Fsc
  •          Matric
  •          PMDC student registration card (Green card)
  •          Provisional certificate
  •          Original fee challan of Rs. 1000 (see step 5)

10. Submit the application for attempt certificate to Sattar sb (Room 2), with attested copies of following documents
  •          CNIC
  •          All DMCs
  •          Provisional certificate
  •          Original fee challan of Rs. 200 (see step 5)

11. Submit the application for return of original documents (along with a copy of provisional certificate) in Room 1

12. Get a bank draft of Rs. 700 from any bank branch and get its 2 photocopies. Separate the green part from the white one. Attach the green part with your PMDC form and keep the white part with you.

13. Attach original bank draft to your PMDC form and send this attested form (see step 9) to PMDC office Islamabad via TCS.
Following TCS offices are open now a days
  •          Hall road (near waqas biryani)
  •          Lakshami showk (near Lasani hotel)
  •          Near AG office

14. Prepare an affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs. 50 from Kachehri

15. Submit your duly filled House job form in Exam Branch (1st floor), with attested copies of following documents
  •          CNIC
  •          Matric certificate
  •          FSc certificate
  •   . Provisional certificate
  •          All DMCs
  •          Domicile
  •   . Copies of TCS receipt and bank draft (no need of attestation) (see setp 12 and 13)
  •          3 photographs  
  •          1 original clearance form
  •          Affidavit (see step 14)

16. Receive your attempt certificate and original documents from university and apny paas smbhal k rkhein. Kbi zindgi me kaaam aayn gy.

Did it make the process a little easier for you? Let us know in the comments. 

UPDATE NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS The official web address of PMC is PMC.GOV.PK


  1. What's the last date of Form submission?

  2. When non kemcolian should submit the application ? Last date before interview ?

    1. Deadline for submission of application is 20th of April. And interview will start from 27th


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